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GOT7 @ SBS PowerFm Choi Hwajung's Power Time Radio [191105]

Source: IGOT7 Subs / gif

[OP´s recap](starts @ 3:40)
- they talk about dieting right off the bat
- cringy introductions
- 8:35 "every morning I drink a chicken breast shake that Jongkook-hyung recommended" who is this man and how dare you share this info with Jackson
- who has blossomed the most visually since debut
- Youngjae lost 8 kg
- everyone fawning over Jinyoung's body during HIP (#mood)
- basically a lot of talk about their individual excercising/dieting methods up until 14:00 when JB cut them off abruptly
- after that it's album talk
- Jinyoung trying tp speak and the host ignores him and he gets embarrassed
- 20:00 JB talks about working with JYP to write their song
- they decided their 1st place encore thingy
- in OP's totally unbiased opinion Jinyoung is quite cute and animated thru-out this whole thing
- even when they're overseas they have to stay near a Korean restaurant
- 33:50 Jinyoung's spot-on impression of Jackson when he gets angry at the members for not inviting him to eat with them
- 38:07 whose name does GOT7 call the most in the day
- Jackson can't multitask lol
- they talk about what they bought while touring overseas
- Bambam bought a souvenir gun(?) in Madrid that got confiscated at the Korean airport
- JB likes stationery
- Mark introduces Now Or Never as a song they did with "some American DJ" and the rest are appalled at him calling Jonas Blue like that lol
- Bambam really loves saying skrrt skrrt
- 44:50 Jinyoung's primary school teacer sends in a message to the show about Jinyoung during his school days
- Jackson is asked about how it was to work with a designer brand
- 51:20 OP really feels this comment

JB looking extra snacky in this, I'll give him that

Also question: what do you guys think of this womans' hosting style? Just curious...

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