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ASTRO’s Sanha Is Caught In Love Triangle With AOA’s Chanmi And Yuna In Upcoming Web Drama

A teaser video has been released for an upcoming web drama featuring AOA’s Chanmi and Yuna along with ASTRO’s Sanha!

The upcoming web drama “Love Formula 11M” will tell the story of Ji Yoon (Chanmi), a girl who lives as a regular college student after experiencing an injury that forces her to give up on her dream of becoming a soccer player. She meets a handsome upperclassman named Tae Oh (Sanha), the key striker at his college soccer club who is immensely popular among girls but only has his heart set on Ji Yoon, whom he had a crush on since his childhood. The two will find themselves in a love triangle with So Jin (Yuna), Ji Yoon’s college friend who has a crush on Tae Oh and will do anything to win his heart.

The teaser video released on October 7 hints at some of the events that are coming their way. Ji Yoon and Tae Oh have an unexpected reunion as So Jin tries her best to get noticed by Tae Oh. The video ends with Ji Yoon kicking a soccer ball with Tae Oh as a goalkeeper, leading viewers to wonder if Ji Yoon will be able to give another attempt at her dream of becoming a soccer player with Tae Oh’s help.

source: SUPER SOUND Bugs! & soompi
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