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yoon dohyun rocks on despite injury

Rocker Yoon Dohyun displayed his fighting spirit on the 18th when he performed at this year's SBS PowerFM's 8th Annual 'The Rock Concert' despite his shoulder injury. After dislocating his shoulder on the 14th while performing for his musical 'Hedwig,' it was unknown whether he would be able to participate at Ehwa Womans University's 100th Anniversary event 4 days later. However, Yoon surprised all the staff by maintaining his promise to perform.

Other performers that night included IU & K.Will, Lucid Fall, tango-jazz project group La Ventana, and Maeng Yoona (Memory). Yoon was the last performer and said, "It's an honor to be on the same stage as Kim Changwan*, an artist I've always respected," and continued to explain, "I dislocated my shoulder during a 'Hedwig' performance but after taking painkillers I'm able to stand here tonight," stirring wild cheers from the crowd.

The director in charge PD Jeon Moonsu thanked Yoon, saying, "I'm so thankful to him for putting on such a great performance despite not being in his best condition, and I hope we can invite him to next year's 'The Rock Concert' as well." 

The recorded SBS PowerFM 'The Rock Concert' will be broadcast on the 22nd at 9am on radio show, 'Today this Beautiful Morning, Kim Changwan.'

* mentioned, i believe, because this concert was also hosted by current radio host/singer/actor, kim changwan. (you probably know him as the old barista guy from coffee prince).

source: osen, mk
translation: qvinx @ omona_prection

t/n: for those of you going, "so why is this man relevant?" :D 'tis because he is the fine, legendary host of yoon do hyun's loveletter on KBS2 that tragically ended last november (after almost an 8-year run)! i love this man, so this is my attempt at contributing something new and different to omona~ (and my first post, yays!)
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