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VICTON achieve their first music show win since their debut 3 years ago

This is VICTON’s first ever win since they debuted three years ago on November 9, 2016. As they accepted their trophy, Seungsik thanked their agency staff and Choi Byung Chan expressed gratitude to their fans ALICE and their stylists. “Thank you to the parents of the six of us and to the rookie casting team who created us,” said Sejun. “We’re going to work even harder. ALICE, we love you!”

Chan smiled tearfully as he said, “I hope Seungwoo hyung is watching! We won first place, Seungwoo hyung! I hope you’re happy!” VICTON’s leader Han Seung Woo is currently promoting with the “Produce X 101” project group X1.

Subin then said, “On top of everything, we’ve worked so hard, congratulations to my members. Don’t cry! Thank you, everyone.” VICTON then cried and embraced as they celebrated their win during the encore.

VICTON Talks About Winning Their First Music Show 3 Years After Debut

November 12, VICTON took their first music show win at SBS MTV’s “The Show” with their song “Nostalgic Night.” Coming three years after the VICTON’s debut, it was an emotional win for the group, who took time to speak to Newsen about the moment.

Subin said, “Honestly, when we became one of the nominees for first place, we were so thankful just for that. We really felt incredibly thankful for all of the people who help us as well as ALICE (VICTON’s fandom) for always loving us.”

Sejun said, “I held an award for the first time today, and I think it felt heavier because of how hard we had all worked. I want to tell my members that they did well. I want to thank everyone who works hard for us at Play M [Entertainment], and I want to thank ALICE. I hope only good things happen from here on out.”

Chan added, “So much happened during our year and a half hiatus, and it feels so good to receive an award as the No. 1 artist. Thank you so much to ALICE, and I hope everyone will continue to follow us.”

Seungsik commented that he would like to pass the honor of the award to ALICE. He said, “Because our members did better than anyone, I think they were able to stick through the hard times. We’ll do even better and work hard to improve in the future.”

source: 엑스원 Seungseok X1, soompi 2, naver
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