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Jun Hyun Moo (43) found new love with fellow KBS announcer Lee Hye Sung (27)

Announcers Lee Hye Sung (27) and Jun Hyun Moo (43) have confirmed their relationship. (op note: i think it's Korean ages, since his birthday is Nov 7th 1977)

According to an exclusive report by Sports Donga on the 12th, the two met on KBS when Lee Hye Sung hosted the press conference for KBS' variety show "Boss Ears". Jun Hyun Moo was also the first guest on Lee Hye Sung's KBS Cool FM radio show "Heart-Fluttering Night."

According to SM C&C, "Jun Hyun Moo and Lee Hye Sung maintained a positive senior-junior relationship with their announcer jobs as an element they have in common, and they recently gained interest in one another. As they are still getting to know each other, they are still quite cautious."

According to a new report by Kukmin Ilbo, last October, a reporter from the Chosun Ilbo revealed that a 27 yr old female announcer went on vacation last year for 25 days but only reported 0 days of vacation in the electronic payment system. According to Kukmin Ilbo, this announcer also received an annual bonus of approximately 10 million won this year. Netizens speculated that the announcer was Lee Hye Sung after news of her relationship with Jun Hyun Moo was revealed on the 12th.

In response to the report, KBS explained, "The report that Lee Hye Sung illegally received 10 million won bonus is exaggerated. Each announcer received a bonus that ranged from 94,000 won per person to 2.13 million won. The manager and team leader responsible turned in a resignation notice to the president in March and has been dismissed."

[+18,881, -1,952] Whatever, I hope Han Hye Jin can meet a cool guy.
[+15,114, -1,757] Senior-junior?...more like uncle and niece..
[+15,303, -3,842] I'm not a fan of Han Hye-jin but they looked better together...
[+11,780, -3,258] There are a lot of decent men closer to her age group who are better dating candidates...why him..
[+4,999, -730] Ahjusshi's in your 30s and 40s, please stop chasing after younger women! The only reason why a relationship like this works is because its Jun Hyun Moo. He's educated and makes billions of won a year...if you're a poor, ugly ahjussi you'll never be able to land a girl like her ㅋㅋ
[+5,923, -1,940] Ugh~I seriously can't stand Jun Hyun Moo...I feel like he's all over the place dating left and right...he needs to be careful especially because the last time he broke up with someone he had to leave a TV show over it..
[+4,101, -715] Why would a Seoul National University graduate like her go out with an ahjussi like him? She could do so much better at her age..
[+1,129, -158] I wish he'd married a top star like Han Hye Jin instead..
[+1,010, -34] Our 40yr old department manager got some hope after reading this article ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋguys, you'll need to take care of your skin and have a lot of money to land someone like her..
[+645, -206] How long has it been since he broke up with his ex? He needs to slow down..
[+594, -116] Lee Hye Sung-ah, you need to raise your standards on men..
[+592, -14] Didn't he cheat on Han Hye Jin when they were dating?

source: @soompi, dailynaver, naver, nate, soompi
Tags: comedian / mc, couple, kbs

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