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Fire Department Officials Lose Positions For Leaking Information About Sulli's Death

Two employees from the fire department were removed from their positions for leaking information about Sulli’s passing.

The report they leaked included details such as the time and location of her passing. It was leaked onto social media, subsequently being shared on portal sites and blogs. On October 17, the Gyeonggi Provincial Fire & Disaster Headquarters held a press conference to officially apologize for the leak.

On November 14, Chief Lee Hyung Chul of the Gyeonggi Provincial Fire & Disaster Headquarters stated at an administrative audit for the Gyeonggi Province Assembly’s Security and Public Administration Committee, “We have removed the two individuals [who leaked the information] from their positions. We have made a request to the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency to investigate the matter. We will decide [on the degree of disciplinary action to be taken] once the results of the police investigation are announced.”

The Chief added, “We have made some adjustments after the recent incident. Previously, the report was accessible by all fire officers. Now, we have made it more secure by only allowing the employee in charge and their senior official to directly report to each other.”

Source: @soompi | naver via soompi
Tags: crime, death/funeral, sulli
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