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X1's attendance at VLIVE Awards Show cancelled last minute by MNET

X1 will not be attending the V Live awards show V HEARTBEAT.

Previously, it was announced that the group will not walk the red carpet but will still attend the ceremony.

On November 15, Mnet released a new statement to share the change of plans.

Hello. This is Mnet.

We sincerely apologize for causing trouble due to our program.

Carefully considering recent public sentiment, the decision has been made that X1 will not be appearing at the 2019 V Live Awards V HEARTBEAT on November 16.

Furthermore, they currently do not have any additional scheduled activities.

We sincerely apologize to the fans who have waited and V Live staff for not being able to fulfill their promised appearance.

Hello. This is the production team of the V Live Awards V HEARTBEAT.

V LIVE prepared the first V Live Awards V HEARTBEAT as a festival for everyone to enjoy together to give back for the activities of stars and fans throughout the year.

Until today (November 15), one day before the event, we have been preparing with X1 included in the lineup, but CJ ENM notified us today of the plan for X1 to not participate.

We put in our full effort to fulfill the promise with fans, but the artist’s side inevitably expressed the plan to not participate. It is very unfortunate, and we feel apologetic that we are unable to keep the promise with fans who have waited for V HEARTBEAT for a long time due to a sudden situation. For fans who would like to be refunded for the event [tickets], we will release a separate notice as soon as possible after discussing the plan.

Although X1 is unable to appear due to the intent of the artist’s side, we ask for the unchanging interest of fans as great artists have prepared wonderful performances. We will also prepare with all of our efforts in order to showcase great performances.

Thank you.

Sources: Naver (1, 2), TVreport, Soompi (1, 2)

The boys literally flew back to Korea from Thailand yesterday to prepare their performance, now this happens. Also, Swing is their representative, why is MNET cancelling on their behalf?

If they care so much about "public sentiment", maybe they should cancel MAMA instead.
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