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Koyote BbaekGa’s 8-hour brain surgery was a success!

Group Koyote member BbaekGa’s 8-hour brain surgery is said to be a success.

A representative from BbaekGa’s side said on 22nd Jan, “He went in for his brain surgery this morning at 7.30am and the surgery ended at 3pm. It was a success and BbaekGa is currently recuperating at the intensive care unit.

“Visitors are still not allowed as of now. According to the hospital, if everything goes smoothly, he will most probably be discharged from the hospital on 28th January.

BbaekGa was hospitalised to prepare for the surgery on the 20th, friends like the Koyote members, NRG Cheon MyungHoon etc visited on 21st January to wish him success for the surgery.

He was diagnosed with brain cancer previously in October. He wrote on his minihompy on 19th January, “I will try to close my eyes and pray” and attaching photos of the Haiti natural disaster.

S: StarNews
Via: sookyeong
Tags: health

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