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Rapper Dok2 accused of allegedly dodging $34,000 jewelry payment

Rapper Dok2 has been accused of allegedly not paying 40 million won ($34,000) for jewelry he had bought, local media Dispatch said Friday.

A jewelry company based in the U.S. filed a complaint against Illionaire Records, a Korean record label formed by Dok2 and rapper The Quiett, on Oct. 30 with Seoul Southern District Court.

Dok2 reportedly bought 247 million won ($206,000) worth jewelry on credit, but didn't pay the entire amount. When the company urged him to pay up, the rapper is known to have shown his balance on the account, which was 6 won ($0.01).

"Dok2 was robbed in Los Angeles and lost some sponsored items due to the incident," Dok2's former manager told Dispatch.

But an invoice reads "No refund" and "No change," according to the company. It claimed it had never heard of the sponsorship and that the rapper has been avoiding contact since August.

Dok2, 28, shot to fame for composing "Circus" in 2005. He is known to have accumulated wealth from more than 300 copyrighted songs.

source: The Korea Times
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