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Daesung to undergo further investigations for "illegal brothel activities" in his building

Daesung's controversial building is reportedly under demolition.

On the 17th, a media outlet reported that the interior of Daesung's Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu,, Seoul building has been demolished since the 6th. Officials from the building's management stated to the media, "There are no other businesses in the building except a coffee shop (Starbucks) on the first floor and a clinic on the third floor."

Police conducted a search and seize on the building in August and secured relevant tenant records. They plan to speed up investigations now that Daesung has completed his mandatory service. A police official stated, "We haven't decided yet whether to summon Daesung as a suspect or a reference."

The Big Bang member bought the building in 2017 for 31 billion won, however, less than two years later, the tenants in the building were under police investigations after findings that a tenant had illegally hired a female hostess to run an entertainment pub in the building. The police also stated that 3 other establishments on the ground floor and 7 - 8th floors of the building were illegally registered as "general restaurants" while operating as clubs.

Daesung addressed the allegations in July though his agency YG Entertainment and stated that "he wasn't aware of any illegal business as the business were already in operation when he purchased the building." He also stated that,"he plans to take legal actions against the illegal businesses if found guilty and will do his best to take responsibility as owner."

[+224, -127] If you don't know anything just stay quiet. Police already raided the building and booked all 45 business owners that were involved in it. All Daesung did was purchase the building for investment. He's a celebrity and management is done by his agent and asset management company. Stop trying to make an issue out of it and look at the facts instead.
[+245, -151] The landlord has nothing to do with this. I've never seen a case where brothels were caught and the building owner was blamed for it.
[+168, -77] I don't understand why they keep focusing on Daesung. He's just the building owner. Go catch the brothel owners instead...
[+96, -35] Why is Daesung being held responsible for the brothels there...it's strange that they keep focusing on him..
[+111, -51] They've already investigated all the owners running the illegal businesses and forwarded them to prosecution...stop defaming the name of an innocent building owner just because he's a celebrity.
[+36, -0] Look at all these YG staff in the comments ㅋㅋYou think Daesung bought the building without checking what's inside of it??? How does that make any sense?? This isn't some cheap building worth a few won ㅡㅡ
[+32, -6] Stop writing articles like Daesung was the one running the brothels..
[+25, -5] Focus on the people running the brothels not the owner
[+6, -1] Even his looks are dirty~
[+5, -0] Why is are all the members doing the same dirty things??...I don't trust any of them anymore...just disband

source: @dailynaver, dailynaver, naver
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