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Actress Park Hasun's younger brother passed away from a heart attack

On November 14, Keyeast, Park Ha Sun's management company, shared with OSEN, "Park Ha Sun's younger brother died of acute myocardial infarction. The burial ceremony was conducted today."

Park Ha Sun and her family members were beside the deceased's coffin in tears. It is known that Ryu Soo Young - the actress's husband, relatives, and colleagues also attended the burial ceremony and condoled with the family.

In particular, the public feels even sorrier for this since Park Ha Sun always expressed deep affection for her younger brother who has a developmental disability. Park Ha Sun once joined the variety program "Kim Je Dong's Talk To You" (JTBC) broadcast in 2017. On the show, when an audience brought up stories about police, the actress talked about her brother, "My brother has health problems. In our childhood, he would leave the house when our family members didn't lock the door. I feel warm every time I think about how the police helped me look for my brother."

source: oh_mes2, naver, osen
Tags: #teampinky, actor/actress, death/funeral, family
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