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Junsu's Comeback on Korean TV Part 2: Joining 'Mister Trot' as a Judge!!

Kim Junsu will be joining TV Chosun’s “Mister Trot” as a judge!

On November 19, his agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Junsu had his first recording for ‘Mister Trot’ yesterday.”

The agency continued, “Although his connection with trot might seem unrelated, some of the participants in ‘Mister Trot’ are aspiring idols, and some of them are industry juniors in their 20s who look up to Kim Junsu as a role model. Therefore, Kim Junsu participated in the show after discussing [the matter] with the production team in order to judge [the contestants’] star quality and potential.”

As the follow-up to “Miss Trot,” the first season of the series, “Mister Trot” will go on the search for male trot singers and find the “10 billion won (approximately $8.5 million) trot man” who will follow in the footsteps of season one winner Song Ga In.

“Mister Trot” is set to premiere next year on January 2.

source: naver, soompi

miss trot, afaik, was p big in skr and song gain is also quite popular! so i hope mister trot also finds success!! i'm so emotional that his return is finally happeningㅠㅠㅠㅠ
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