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Ynot speaks on CNBLUE plagiarism allegations

Yesterday, CNBLUE’s agency FNC Music, stated that the plagiarism allegations against CNBLUE’s “I’m a loner” due to its similarity to Ynot’s “Blue bird,” was “unbelievable.”

Today, indie band Ynot spoke up on the issue, in a tone and manner that was drastically different from FNC Music’s response:

“The plagiarism issues are the fault of the composers, Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho. We hope CNBLUE does not get scarred from this issue. This issue is between us (Ynot) and the composers of ‘I’m a loner’, in no way is it an issue between us and CNBLUE.”

Ynot added:

“We expect and look forward to a long career from CNBLUE, who is talented and has the ability to play instruments, compose and write songs. We hope this incident does not hinder their activities and we hope it does not scar them at all.

However, Ynot stated in regards to the plagiarism allegations:

“If the issues are not settled rationally and appropriately, we are considering taking the proper legal actions.”

In response to FNC Music implying that Ynot just wanted “noise marketing,” that they would request monetary compensation for the damages (to CNBLUE’s image) and their statement that “if they (FNC Music) were going to plagiarize, they would’ve chosen a better foreign song,” Ynot stated:

“We have been doing this for 13 years, putting on performances and standing by our name Ynot. It is greatly insulting to not only us, but the entire indie scene for them to state such things. I am now concerned for our band’s (Ynot) honor and reputation because of the statements from FNC Music.”

Keep in mind, Ynot did not bring up the plagiarism allegations, it was netizens who pointed out the similarities. Later on when the media asked Ynot what they thought, Ynot had stated that it seems unlikely that it’s a coincidence.

Now I’m not taking sides, but Ynot makes some good points and they have taken the high road in regards to their response. A far different approach from FNC Music’s extremely defensive and offensive statements yesterday.

You guys be the judge, what do you all think about this controversy?

Source: allkpop
Tags: c.n blue

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