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Mnet To Take Down VOD For All 4 Seasons Of “Produce”

With things escalating for Mnet “Produce” series, it was announced on Nov. 18 that Mnet will be taking down all the VOD available for the 4 seasons of “Produce”.

All four seasons are no longer available on either Mnet or TVING, meaning Korean fans will no longer be able to watch the episodes. Byungchan had actually warned fans that this was happening, as he told fans at a fansigning that all the ‘Produce 101’ fancams were going to be taken down. They plan to remove those from other platforms soon.

For those who are unsure of the on-goings, the main producer of “Produce” had admitted to manipulations of all 4 seasons. Other parties involved in the act had also been summoned for investigation and it is expected that results of the findings would be released soon.

Sources: Naver, Joynews24, vpk-news, kpopmap, spotvnews, shobey_edits, soompi.

Did they also discuss about this with the group at the meeting about their future activities? *sarcasm*
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