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Dispatch shares 13 proof of TRCNG's poor living conditions and abuse + TS Ent's weak clapback

Wooyeop and Taeseon revealed the following information to Dispatch.

1. TRCNG live in a 2 floor dorm amongst 10 members in Hannam-dong.
8 live on the ground floor in two rooms
2 lived in what’s considered "the basement”

Conditions in the basement were not livable due to luggage and other materials around them, poor insulation, and a low ceiling.

Wooyeop shared, “The attic is like a storage room. The ceiling was so low that we couldn’t stand straight. It didn’t have proper heating, and we lived jumbled up with our stuff and equipment.”

2. The members bought their own clothes and ate food they bought from the convenience store. The company paid for their meals when they had late-night practices, and the menu was always fried rice for everyone. Taeseon was once taken to the emergency room due to a stomachache.

He added, “We once arrived at the practice room with coffee, and they got mad as us, saying, ‘Where are our drinks?’ We were scolded for having no manners. We brought coffee for the agency employees after that.”

3. TRCNG’s dorm had its water and electricity cut off because TS had not paid the bills. In April and October of 2019, the electricity went down at the dorm.

Wooyeop further described, “In January 2018, we couldn’t use our water heater. Four or five members got the flu. We had to go to a sauna to sleep and wash up. We were promoting our second album, but we endured and performed on stage. We used our own money to take care of the hospital expenses.”

4. TRCNG’s dorm had two toilets for the ten members, and one of the toilets broke down in December 2017, January 2018, and February 2019.
When a member texted an agency staff to ask for someone to fix the toilet, he got no response. Wooyeop’s mother called a plumber and paid for the expenses herself.

5. On January 7, 15, and 21 of 2019, the lights in their laundry room and kitchen went out.

Taeson: Hyung. We’re living in the dark because our lights aren’t working.
Manager: Ah, hahaha, right, the lights. Hahaha. I have to go to the neighborhood of Hannam on Thursday so I’ll get it changed for you then.

However, the manager did not show up as he had promised.
Supposedly the group’s laundry and kitchen areas are still with no electricity.

6. TRCNG’s water filter became broken meaning that the members did not have access to clean drinking water during the humid and hot summer time.

Members had no access to cool and clean drinking water after practices.

Dispatch revealed a group chatroom conversation between the TRCNG members’ mothers, who discussed the poor living conditions at the group’s dorm during the summer. They commented on the broken water purifier and air conditioner and discussed gathering money to buy them new ones. The mothers pitched in to install a new air conditioner at TRCNG’s dorm.

7. July 5th, it was 34 degrees celsius

TRCNG’s aircon had broke - at the time of repair, they are told their air conditioner would need to be entirely replaced.

TS Entertainment added the cost of the new air conditioner to the member’s debt - 660,000 won split amongst 10 members.

8. TS Entertainment’s director refutes claims of abuse, however, the members had physical proof and documentation of their injuries along with medical proof that they had received treatment with a log of their injuries at the time - other members had witnessed this abuse

[Pictures of violence]

9. February 15th, a staff from TS Entertainment swore at a member of TRCNG for doing an unscheduled V LIVE without permission.

TS: Who are the three members not participating [in the live broadcast]?
Taeseon: Wooyeop, Hohyun, and Kangmin.
Taeseon: Director, we’re starting!
TS: F*ck. Did I tell you to start? You crazy bastards.
TS: F*ck, who told you to turn it on?
TS: These crazy bastards are [notifying me afterwards]. No more guerrillas now, keep that in mind.
TS: Where did you learn your manners, f*ck, seriously. Can’t you wait for five minutes while I’m in the restroom?
Taeseon: Director, you told me to just send you a KakaoTalk message before starting, so I think I misunderstood.
Taeseon: I’m sorry.

10. In the beginning of the year, a TRCNG member born in 2001 (underage) was asked by one of the agency staff to go to a room salon (adult entertainment business) with him.

Underage member: I’m watching [someone] rap in the recording studio, and [name not mentioned] hyung told me, ‘You’re 20, right? Come to a room salon with me.’ There was even a woman [in the studio]. How could he ask me to go to a room salon with him?

11. One of the TS Entertainment officials forced TRCNG and their dance team to help him sell the Air Jordan shoes he had collected by looking up the prices, placing post-its on the shoe boxes, and taking photos of the shoes.

12. The total expenses incurred by the group from January 2011 to June 2018 were approximately 1.6 billion won (~$1.4 million).
TRCNG has earned a profit of 269 million won (~$230,700), meaning that the group still has a debt of ~1.4 billion won (~$1.2 million).

13. Current contract profit split

TRCNG and TS Entertainment’s exclusive contract is valid for nine years.

- Starting from the release of their first album, their profits are divided between the agency and the group with a ratio of 9:1. (that means each member receives only 1% of profit)
- Starting with their third full album, the ratio changes to 8:2.
- The ratio is 7:3 for commercials and events.
- The amount that is given to the group is then divided among the 10 members.

TS Claims TRCNG’s Comeback Was Delayed Due To Wooyeop Dating Staff Member; His Mother Responds

On November 20, news outlet Sports World published a report that shares TS Entertainment’s new claims about Wooyeop dating a staff member of the company, as well as his mother’s response.

Earlier this week, the legal representative of TRCNG members Taeseon and Wooyeop shared that the two members sent a certification of contents to TS Entertainment on November 4 to terminate their exclusive contracts. They have also filed criminal complaints to the police for charges including habitual child abuse from director Park Sang Hyun and violence from choreography director Yoon.

Sports World reports that TS Entertainment is now claiming that Wooyeop’s behavior with a woman is the real key point of the situation. On the other hand, Wooyeop’s mother has denied this strongly and said that they are trying to put the blame on someone else.

On November 20, a source from TS told Sports World, “Everything that the two members are claiming is a lie. The remaining eight members are currently active in Japan without the two of them. There is a reason for all of that.” They went on to say, “It’s because Wooyeop was dating the agency’s female stylist ‘B’ which made activities difficult. After Wooyeop and ‘B’ were in a relationship, he would always miss choreography practice and go out at night to have fun, so the comeback had to be postponed.”

The source stated that the two members’ situation is currently that they have left the group without permission. “The other members are feeling betrayed, and the members’ parents are angry,” said the source.

Wooyeop’s mother responded to TS Entertainment’s claims and said they were unjust. She said, “It’s true that Wooyeop dated ‘B’ for about two weeks. However, it is immensely incorrect to put all of the responsibility for this situation on Wooyeop’s issue with a woman.”

According to Wooyeop’s mother, even though he was receiving psychological treatment and care at a hospital, he hated that their comeback might be postponed because of him, and so he even took part in a variety show called “Game Dolympic 2019: Golden Card” in June 2019. His mother said, “The reason for the delay of TRCNG’s comeback was TS’s financial difficulties, as you can see through the previous issues with Sleepy’s power and water being cut off.” Sleepy is a rapper previously under TS Entertainment who has also been in a legal dispute with the agency.

Wooyeop’s mother went on to say, “It’s a clear fact that Wooyeop was assaulted by choreography director Yoon. However, he has never once received an apology about it.” She described how even though Wooyeop had been lying in the hospital in a semi-unconscious state, a TS Entertainment manager came to the hospital and immediately asked the doctor in a doubtful tone if Wooyeop had really ended up in this condition because he had been hit, which caused the doctor to become angry. Although Wooyeop’s side wanted an apology from Yoon, they haven’t received one. His mother shared that they can reveal a medical report from the time of the assault.

TS Entertainment previously claimed that the other members of TRCNG are angry because of Wooyeop’s unfaithful actions. His mother responded to this by saying, “The members’ parents have all agreed that they should leave the agency [due to issues such as TS’s management] and we sent a notice [to TS] on October 19. We have a collection of signatures of all the parents showing that we agree they should leave the company.” On November 19, TS Entertainment announced that TRCNG will be continuing as an eight-member group without Wooyeop and Taeseon.

Sports World also spoke to a source in the industry about the dispute over the truth in this situation. They said, “TS is avoiding responding to the child abuse [accusations] and I estimate that they are continually mentioning Wooyeop’s ‘woman issue’ to cover up all of the problems within the company.”

source: soompi 2, balloon_wanted (thread), naver 2, dispatch
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