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(Interview) 2AM Jung Jinwoon, "My heart was beating during the rehearsal for our comeback"

2AM's maknae, Jung Jinwoon, has expressed his thoughts about their recent comeback after 10 months.

Jung Jinwoon said, "Though its been a long time since I've been onstage, I have not thought about being nervous. However, when I stood on the rehearsal stage my heart was beating because i was so nervous."

He also added, "I still couldn't believe that it's our comeback. I don't think I'll realize it until I wake up. I only felt the anticipation of our comeback when I woke up on Friday morning."

Out of 2AM (Jo Kwon, Lee Changmin, Lim Seolong, Jung Jinwoon), Jo Kwon has shown his many sides on many variety shows. Are they worried about the different, separate images of "ballad singers" and from their variety show appearances?

He commented on that with, "We had some worries about it. I find it a burden that the other members are all hilarious, but I'm not like that. On variety shows or onstage, the serious 2AM image is the same. I think that the public will appreciate our contradictory image on variety shows."

Meanwhile, 2AM's comeback song that was released on the 21st is enjoying popularity on the charts. Member Lee Chang Min commented on that by saying, "Because of our rankings on charts, my body doesn't feel the affects of our comeback. I get energy from such comments like, 'the song is good', 'I think this song will do good'."

Source: Newsen
Translation Credit: cityscripts at omona_prection
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