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Blue Dragon Film Awards: Seventeen perform very nicely, Kim Woobin appears after 2 yrs hiatus & more

(Hoshi said “Everyone please stand up! We’ll be embarrassed if you don’t stand up~!” @ 3:40 (x) which actually worked lol)

Kim Woo Bin received a warm welcome as he made his return after over two years!

The actor has been battling nasopharyngeal cancer since his diagnosis in May 2017 and has been on a hiatus during his recovery. On November 27, he resumed his activities by appearing as a presenter at the 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Kim Woo Bin was met with cheers and applause as he walked on to the stage, and he bowed and greeted everyone. “I’m very nervous,” he said with a laugh. “It’s my first time greeting everyone in a long time, so I worried a lot about what I should say. Rather than anything else, the first thing I want to say is thank you. A few years ago, my health was very poor. But so many people cheered me on and prayed for me so that I could overcome it. I’m able to greet you in good health sooner because of that.”

He added again that he was taking the opportunity of the ceremony to express his thanks to everyone who’d supported him and prayed for him. “I sincerely thank you,” he said and bowed again, receiving another warm round of applause.

Kim Woo Bin then went on to present the award for Best Short Film to “Milk” director Jang Yoo Jin.
(He is currently in talks for a 2020 Sci-fi movie with Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Tae Ri by director Choi Dong Hoon.)

Films eligible for nomination this year were Korean movies released from October 12, 2018 to October 10, 2019, and experts in fields within the film industry voted to choose the nominees.

“Parasite” was the biggest winner of the night with five trophies in total, grabbing the Best Film title as well as Best Director for Bong Joon Ho, Best Actress for Jo Yeo Jeong, Best Supporting Actress for Lee Jung Eun, and Best Art Direction.

Check out the full list of winners below!

Best Film: “Parasite”

Best Director: Bong Joon Ho (“Parasite”)

Best Actor: Jung Woo Sung (“Innocent Witness”)

Best Actress: Jo Yeo Jeong (“Parasite”)

Best Supporting Actor: Jo Woo Jin (“Default”)

Best Supporting Actress: Lee Jung Eun (“Parasite”)

Best New Actor: Park Hae Soo (“By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture”)

Best New Actress: Kim Hye Joon (“Another Child”)

Best New Director: Lee Sang Geun (“EXIT”)

Popular Star Award: Lee Kwang Soo, Honey Lee, Park Hyung Sik, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

Audience Choice Award for Most Popular Film: “Extreme Job”

Best Screenplay: Kim Bo Ra (“House of Hummingbird”)

Best Cinematography—Lighting: Kim Ji Yong, Jo Kyu Young (“Swing Kids”)

Best Editing: Nam Na Young (“Swing Kids”)

Best Music: Kim Tae Sung (“Svaha: The Sixth Finger”)

Best Art Direction: Lee Ha Joon (“Parasite”)

Technical Award: Yoon Jin Yool, Kwon Ji Hoon (“EXIT” stunts)

Best Short Film: Jang Yoo Jin — “Milk”

source: SBS Entertainment 2, theseoulstory, @ETN000, soompi 2, naver 1 2, @joyfuljoyful

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