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Jewelry to hold open auditions in February

Already a week has gone by since Park Jungah and Seo Inyoung performed for the last time as 4-member group Jewelry.

Park was an original member since Jewelry's debut in 2001, and Seo joined a year later for their second album. On the 10th they performed 'Love Story' for the last time with their juniors Kim Eunjung and Ha Juyeon on SBS's Inkigayo.

On the 13th, Park and Seo also hosted the showcase for new idol group ZE:A ( also under the same company) and are planning to take a break while slowly preparing their own solo albums. Despite leaving Jewelry they will remain under Star Empire Entertainment and plan to lead very active solo careers.

So then what is in store for the 'younger line' who joined Jewelry in early 2008?

For the time being, Kim Eunjung and Ha Juyeon will not be standing on stage as singers; they will be greeting viewers through variety programs.

Kim is currently a regular member on cable channel MBC Everyone's 'Infinite Girls Season 2,' and is solo MC of E!TV's 'E! News Korea.'

Ha is also similarly appearing Monday thru Fridays on Mnet and KMTV as MC for 'Golden Hit Song.'

Kim and Ha will also be present at the auditions for new Jewelry members this coming February.

On the afternoon of the 17th, a Star Empire Entertainment representative stated, "Auditions to fill the gap left by Park and Seo will take place in mid-February, and of course opinions of current members will also be taken into consideration."

If all goes well currently 2-member Jewelry might gain new members by the end of February. In this case, we might be able to see the new Jewelry sooner than expected.
translated by qvinx at omona_prection
original article by star news

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