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Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! It was gorgeous out today, hope your day was just as nice. Every week I check out the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week we’re going back 3 years to the 4th week of November, 2016. A nice mix of songs this week. And a lot of crossovers this week too! Some people showing up in multiple videos.

#3 Twice “TT”
Who taught these children how to trick or treat? Where are their parents? Walking into homes uninvited and opening random doors wtf kids. I mean, it’s been years since I’ve been trick or treating myself, but I’m 99.5% sure you don’t just stumble into a weird house filled with 9 costumed cuties in this day and age. ANYWAYS. This is still one of my favs from them, and I always do the hand choreography. No surprise, the song would top the charts in Korea. A Japanese version of this song would become the group’s lead single off of their first Japanese album.

#2 Kim Sejeong “Flower Way”
2016 was a big year for Sejeong. After finishing up Produce 101 at #2 and making the final lineup of I.O.I, she would go on to join Gugudan and release her first solo song. This song was part of a Jellyfish project to celebrate the launch their new music channel. It was the most popular of the four songs released, and would peak at #2. It would also give Sejeong her first solo music show win. It was just announced yesterday that she will be making a solo comeback next month.

#1 Heechul & Min Kyung-Hoon “Sweet Dream”
OMG this video! I’ve never seen it before. It’s so K.Will! No, K.Will wishes his videos were this good. It’s too much! This song was released through SM Station, and is a collab between two of the Knowing Bros. cast members. This ridiculous (in the best way lol) MV stars Twice’s Momo and the rest of the Knowing Bros. cast.

Honorable Mentions

#7 Taeyeon “11:11”
Awww, make a wish! I think this is probably my favorite of her solo songs. It’s pretty and chill and perfect for this late autumn/early winter season. Not quite the big winter ballad, but mellow and warm. Like all the sweaters she’s wearing in the MV. I need a sweater on ASAP. This was a digital single that would later be included in her My Voice album.

#9 I.O.I “Very Very Very”

Another one of my favs! Sometimes you just want the cute KPop. And the girls, the music video, and the song is so freaking cute. It’s pretty catchy, and I don’t mind it lol. This would end up being the group’s highest charting and bestselling song. It would also give them their only music shows wins as a full group, since “Whatta Man” was a sub-unit.

source: jypentertainment, Stone Music Entertainment 1 2, SMTOWN 1 2 & gaon
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