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Hyomin gets another nickname from G7.. Cinderella Hyomin?

Hyomin gets another nickname from G7.. Cinderella Hyomin?

G7's Hyomin is once again catching attention. After her letter to the boss with her lack of airtime, her nickname "Edited Out" and "CEO-Completely Edited Out" now adds a new nickname.. Hyoderella!?

In an episode of Invincible Youth, G7's puppy(dont know the name) needed to take a bath. Hyomin decided to get water from the water pump outside their house But due to the cold weather, the water was too cold for the puppy and everyone felt bad for the puppy.

While jokingly pushing and abusing Hyomin, she went outside once again to get more water. And with her weird personality, she started conversing with the camera saying "Hey, can you put a little music for me. Im like Cinderella they bully me". And thats how she got a new nickname "Hyoderella".

Hyomin said "before i barely had any screentime. But as time went on, I felt more comfortable around my unnies and maknae Hyuna. I felt more comfortable and so I started talking more. Im glad now my screentime has tripled".

Source: Newsen
Translated by: *YANiPOPO* @
Tags: t-ara, tv shows

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