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Weki Meki @ K-Pop Together Dallas, Full Fancam inc. Q&A + Weki Meki's English

a few interview/performance points:

- They have not re-choreographed Yoojung's parts, just as they didn't when Soyeon couldn't perform (and Soyeon is currently in flats, probably due to the aftermath of her ankle injury)
- Doyeon and Lua answer a few questions in English, Sei and Lucy also have a shot
- Since their most recent promotions finished, Lucy has taken up boxing, Doyeon has taken up modern dance
- When asked if there are any other countries they would like to visit, Elly says 'just America' and Lua jokes that the fans instead should come to Korea
- When the host says she has a question for Rina the entire crowd screams (get it Rina!)
- for 40 seconds Lua, Sei and Doyeon directly communicate with the audience with broken English and sign language to try and understand 'Whataburger' when talking about American food

source: 탁TV TakTV
Tags: fan cam, interview, overseas activities, weki meki
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