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BTS takes home all 3 awards they were nominated for at the 2019 AMAs

BTS Takes Home 3 Awards At 2019 American Music Awards

BTS has won big at this year’s American Music Awards!

The ceremony for the 2019 American Music Awards was held on November 24 (local time) in Los Angeles, California. Although BTS was not present, they were announced as the winner of Favorite Duo or Group — Pop/Rock, Tour of the Year, and Favorite Social Artist.

For their Favorite Duo or Group — Pop/Rock award, Jungkook began, “Thank you so much! We are really honored to receive such an important and meaningful award.”

Jin continued, “We are sorry we can’t be there to enjoy such a festive night in person, but we hope to see you soon.”

“BTS has been a group for six and a half years, and throughout those years, we had so many of our dreams somehow manifest into reality. ARMY, you guys are the ones who make all of this possible, and we really couldn’t have done it without your love and support from all over the world. We’ll try our best to live up to it to strive high, work hard, and return your love back to you,” RM concluded.

Accepting the Tour of the Year award, RM spoke, “This tour may be over, but we hope our message for this tour will continue to sit with you for evermore — the message that you must find the way to love yourself.”

This is the group’s second consecutive year winning at the American Music Awards, as they previously won Favorite Social Artist at the 2018 American Music Awards.

Congratulations to BTS!

source: soompi, Twitter @ American Music Awards (1,2,3,4) and @ MTV NEWS

Congratulations boys! I'm glad they took home the Tour of the year one. It was well deserved. I've seen all of the 4 concerts they did in Paris for this tour and I had a blast. Not sure I'll ever get a chance to ever see them again if they push forward with the whole lottery system they've used for the 5th muster/Seoul concerts.
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