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HINAPIA interview with joynews24: “I was so happy to stand on stage again."

“There was no guarantee that I would stand on stage again. So every moment right now is precious to me.”

Although HINAPIA is officially a rookie girl group that debuted 3 weeks ago, many of the members have previous experiences. After PRISTIN disbanded in May, several former members had a new start under the name HINAPIA. The girls can finally perform on stage again, and their fans can see them perform after waiting for a long time. The members expressed their wishes to promote for a “very very long time.”

HINAPIA recently debuted with their debut single ‘NEW START’ and are busy with promotions. In a recent interview held at Star Cafe Labueno, located in Sangsu-dong, countless fans gathered to cheer on HINAPIA.

The HINAPIA members, who are currently working hard for promotions, revealed their excitement and happiness in performing again. Gyeongwon said, “This is the first time I’m performing in two years. I felt nervous and had some pressure because I had to showcase a new side of myself. But now I’m fine.”

Eunwoo said, “More fans welcomed us back than I expected. It was amazing.”

Yaebin said “I was so happy to stand on stage again. I am so thankful to be able to sing while our fans cheer us on and the stage light illuminates us. I am happy to perform again.”

As the title of HINAPIA’s debut single ‘NEW START’ indicates, the release marks a new start for the members. Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Eunwoo, and Yaebin are former members of PRISTIN, which disbanded in May this year.

They revealed their faces to the public after appearing on ‘Produce 101’ in 2016. They debuted in PRISTIN in March 2017. However, after they finished promotions for their second album ‘SCHXXL OUT’ in August that year, the group completed halted further promotions. Fans were disappointed to learn that the group disbanded in May 2019.

With the PRISTIN members set to go on their own future paths, Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Eunwoo, and Yaebin joined new agency OSR Entertainment and formed HINAPIA because they wanted to perform on stage again.

“When PRISTIN was disbanding, all the members talked with the company (PLEDIS). There were some members who wanted to pursue their education and others who wished to do things by themselves. We talked truthfully amongst each other about what we wanted to do once the group disbanded. The only members who wanted to promote as singers in the future were us four members.” - Minkyeung.

The HINAPIA members revealed, “In our point of view, it was a shame that we had to disband, but the company felt that disbandment was the only choice left. Thanks to our discussion, which allowed us to share future plans, we were all able to make realistic decisions quickly after we disbanded.”

Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Eunwoo, Yaebin, and the new ‘maknae’ Bada formed HINAPIA. Bad, who is 18 this year, is a member with unique visuals and a cute smile.

Yaebin said, “I am as mature as I am an enthusiastic member. Whenever we feel tired while practicing, I offer motivational comments.

Eunwoo said, “We are both mature and youthful. Our character and musical tone are also unique. Our stamina is also good. It becomes a bit obvious by the time we dance two times but our choreography doesn’t become messy.”

Bada said, “At first I was very nervous. I was scared to make a mistake as well. I was able to get accustomed well because the other members took care of me well.”

Why did a new member join? Bada is a member who is the defining difference between PRISTIN and HINAPIA. Eunwoo, “We needed a member who had a fresh personality, which us four were lacking. Bada has a naturally refreshing personality. Even when she shows awkwardness, she is adorable.” She expressed her confidence in the new member.

The opportunity to join HINAPIA was an urgent and desperate matter for the members who got their new start in the new group. It would also be the first time PRISTIN would perform on stage after a long 2 year hiatus. They not only felt pressure but also a sense of growing impatience.

Yaebin added, “We were getting older and the seasons were passing by. Time was going to waste. When I debuted with HINAPIA, I thought ‘let’s just do it’ and I only had motivational thoughts.”

Eunwoo said, “I became a trainee when I was a kid, but the passing time felt even more significant only recently. Idols age and I was worried because there’s an age limit for idols.”

The members said that they have different mindsets in HINAPIA than when they were in PRISTIN.

Minkyeung said, “We probably felt the same things as Bada does now when we were in PRISTIN. Compared to when I was nervous and excited because I was in PRISTIN, I am a lot calmer. I also get the feeling that I have to do better.” Eunwoo continued, “When we debuted in HINAPIA, I did not want to receive attention and pity for being former members of a disbanded group. Because this is my second time debuting, I really wanted to prove myself this time.”

Yaebin said, “it’s meaningful that we even made it this far together. Opportunities to get our name out there is valuable, and we also appreciate the small things. I have great motivation to work hard this time.”

The members also wish to accomplish dreams that they could not with PRISTIN.

Yaebin continued, “I like performing (she clarified that she did not feel this sentiment because she couldn’t do it a lot as PRISTIN). I want to hold a concert. A HINAPIA concert, an amazing concert that will captivate fans and keep them from going back home. She also expressed her wishes of appearing in ‘Queendom 2’ to having a fan meeting and an overseas tour. Bada said, “I want to stand on stage many times, I want to perform for a long time.” The members emphasized the phrase “a long time.” HINAPIA’s new start has begun.

Source: joynews24 via u/PicklesandHam
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