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My Country episode 15 and Finale Discussion Post

PLOT: Set during the end of the Goryeo period to the early Joseon period. Two friends aim their swords against one another due to differences in opinion about "my country."

Seo Hwi (Yang Se-Jong) is a warrior. His father Seo Geom is a famous commander. Seo Hwi does not compromise when it comes to injustice. His life devolves into a hellish existence, but he still holds a smile.

Nam Sun-Ho (Woo Do-Hwan) is smart and a talented figure. Because his mother was born into the lowest class, Nam Sun-Ho is looked down upon by other people. He wants to pass the military service examination. Due to a corruption scandal involving his father, Nam Sun-Ho loses his dream. Making things worse, he comes into conflict with Seo Hwi over a misunderstanding.

CAST: Yang Se Jong (as Seo Hwi), Woo Do Hwan (as Nam Sun Ho), Kim Seol Hyun (as Han Hee Jae), Jang Hyuk (as Lee Bang Won), Kim Young Chul, Ahn Nae Sang, Park Ye Jin, Ji Seung Hyun, In Gyo Jin, Jo Yi Hyun, Yoo Oh Sung, Jang Young Nam, Lee Yoo Joon, Kim Jae Young, Kim Seo Kyung, Lee Seung Chul, Hong Ji Yoon, Lee Hyun Kyun, Kim Dong Won, Kim Min Ho, Kim Dae Gon

Director: Kim Jin-Won
Writer: Chae Seung-Dae
Network: JTBC
Release Date: October 4, 2019
Runtime: Friday & Saturdays 23:00

SOURCE: Image and drama information from Asianwiki

You Can Watch on NetFlix | Dramacool

Definitely one of the best sageuks I've ever watched. A beautifully made drama with a cast of really amazing actors. It ended the way I imagined it would and made me really cry. Yang Sejong, Woo Dohwan, Jang Hyuk and Seolhyun...thank you!
Tags: drama, drama discussion, seolhyun, woo do hwan
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November 28 2019, 05:08:26 UTC 11 months ago

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Before anything else, there will be spoilers so read with caution =)

As I've said many times already, My Country is one of the best sageuks I've ever watched and one of the best dramas this year. The story is pretty solid, the actors are all amazing. Obviously a drama with a big budget and it was said that the production team had a high budget of 20 billion KRW (thats a lot!). I can say it was used well!

Episode can you have such a big reveal when we're about to end the drama? But having discovered that it was Bang Won who framed General Seo (Hwi's father) further cemented my thoughts that Hwi will die in this story. So much thoughts about this. Bang Won had his reasons and he gave General Seo the chance to side with him to avoid death but still it was not honorable. It's just so sad coz for some reason, I feel that Bang Won genuinely cares for Hwi and wants to build his country with him by his side. But we also know that Hwi cares a hell lot about Seonho and Seonho cannot survive in Bang Won's world. That's just how it is. We can't have all the good things.

The final episode is a bit of how I expected it to be but it still made me cry. I am so happy that Seonho and Hwi finally settled their issues. I cannot help but be emotional at the scene where Seonho was by the river talking to Yeon (her spirit from faraway). He sincerely cared for her as much as he cared for Hwi. And when Hwi was holding him before he died, he said that Hwi and Yeon were just at his back all the time and things would have been different had he known early on that his country was just a few steps behind him. Gosh these guys! The last time I cried so much at an ending scene of a sageuk was when Jung Ilwoo's character was killed in Moon Embracing the Sun.

I thought it was beautiful and fitting to have Hui Jae narrate at the end. Seeing her with Chi Do, Park Mun-Bok (with wife and kid) and Jung Beom shows me that Hwi and Seonho did not die in vain.

Jang Hyuk, Yang Sejong, Woo Dohwan and Seolhyun. Thank you for the wonderful drama.