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Singer Park Kyung to fight back against chart manipulation

Singer Park Kyung, who has publicly raised the issue of chart manipulation on music streaming websites, said he will fight the legal action against him launched by fellow singers he has named and implicated in the alleged manipulation incident.

Chart manipulation involves entertainment agencies manipulating music charts by inflating streaming numbers. There has been suspicion that some singers were using software macros to make it into the charts, but Park is the first singer who has mentioned specific names of the singers who have done it.

The ranking of an unpopular singer soaring would usually happen at dawn.

Park posted a sarcastic tweet on Sunday saying "I want to manipulate the songs like these people," then referring to six singers ― male duo Vibe, Lim Jae-hyun, Song Ha-ye, Hwang In-wook and Jang Deock-cheol ― and one other group.

The singers mentioned above denied the accusation immediately and said they will take legal action against Park, but Park said he will not back down.

"We are obliged to protect the stance of our musicians. We will hire a lawyer if legal actions are taken," Seven Seasons Entertainment, Park's management agency, said on Tuesday.

"If there is any problem regarding this matter, we will follow legal procedures. From this incident we hope all suspicion on chart manipulation on music streaming websites is cleared up. Rumors make all people victims and make singers doubt each other. Above all, we hope there is a healthy debate on solving the problem from a structural aspect."

Although Park deleted the tweet, it caused a stir among the entertainment business as it is a rare incident where one targets the other exposing their real name.

The singers targeted by Park strongly denied his allegation and accused him of spreading baseless rumors. "It is a shame that he mentioned without full responsibility," said Major9, the management agency of Vibe.

However, some people are supporting Park's disclosure. Rapper Mommy Son also released a song with lyrics similar to what Park said on Twitter, titled, "Vibe from Experience." The lyrics say: "How can I win the machine? I am not Lee Se-dol."

Park's 2016 song climbed back up the charts on some music streaming websites, after he spoke out on chart manipulation.

Park debuted in 2011 as a member and lead rapper of Block B, and he has been releasing some songs as a solo artist. He also appeared on tvN program "Problematic Men," and is a DJ on the radio program "Dreaming Radio."

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source: The Korea Times
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