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shawols prompt twitter to take back their decision to delete inactive accounts

TRIGGER WARNING for brief mentions of death. Shawols have played a large part in highlighting out a massive oversight by Twitter re: a recent announcement made by them. On November 27th, news broke that of a new plan by Twitter to delete all accounts that have been inactive for six months or longer. (A note that inactivity was stated not to be dependent on tweets being made, but the account being logged into during that timeframe.) In their initial announcement, it was not made clear whether validated accounts would be included in this deletion sweep. There was also no mention as to whether or not the accounts of those who have passed away would be safe from deletion - though it was emphasized in articles by multiple entertainment websites that Twitter currently does not have a way to memorialize accounts on their site (like other social media websites such as Facebook do).

Immediately after the announcement was made, many Shawols began to fear what this could mean for SHINee's Jonghyun's personal verified account, @realjonghyun90, which has not been active since April of 2017. In an attempt to catch the attention of Twitter Support, both Korean and international fans began to trend the following hashtags: #종현이와의_소중한추억 ("precious memory with Jonghyun"), #소중한추억_없애지말아줘 ("please don't take away the memories"), and #트위터계정_폐쇄반대 ("against deleting of inactive accounts"). After nearly half of a day of trending the hashtag, as well as directly mentioning Twitter Support, Twitter released the following statement:

The statement released by Twitter Support, as well as the attempts made by Shawols, caught the attention of Jonghyun's family and Shiny Foundation, namely his sister, who runs the official Twitter for the nonprofit. She thanked both Twitter and Shawols for helping to halt the deletion process, and their promise to find a way to memorialize accounts of those who have passed.

source(s): kstarlive (1) / @kstarlivecom (1) / @shiny90408 (1) / the verge (1) / @twittersupport (1)

how is everyone doing? and how do we feel about twitter making an oversight on something that should have been discussed before the plan was announced publicly? also, to lighten things up, what's your favorite @realjonghyun90 twitter moment?
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