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Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! Hope everyone who celebrates had a nice thanksgiving. I woke up early for Black Friday but found the deals kinda sucked this year. Although I bought Tupperware for the 3rd year in a row, because that’s who I am now. 28 piece set for $7.99, I couldn’t pass it up! Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’ll go back to the 5th week of November, 2014.

#3 Hi Suhyun “I’m Different”
So darn cute. SO CUTE! This was their sub-unit debut (and only) song. I was really hoping for a comeback while AkMu was on hiatus, but fingers crossed it may still happen. Just 15 & 18 at the time, the stages and the styling were so adorable, and they looked like they had fun together. So cute with the choreography that they don’t normally get to do lol. The song, featuring iKon’s Bobby, would hit the top spot. Here’s their debut stage on Inkigayo.

#2 AOA “Like A Cat”
2014 was a breakout year for the group, they started it off with “Miniskirt” and finished it with “Like A Cat”. They ended up being one of the top 5 bestselling girl groups that year. Here’s their comeback stage at Show Champion. I love this song and the live stages from this era. Gorgeous styling and I really like the choreo. And I love that intro so much lol. They just made a comeback a few days ago, following an amazing run on Queendom. I’m happy that they got much love from the show.

#1 Kyuhyun “At Gwanghwamun”
This was his first solo release, making him the first Super Junior member to debut solo. It shot to the top immediately after its release, and all the other songs on the album charted as well. Third time posting, so I wanted to post a recent stage. Here he is on Sketchbook earlier this year, just a few weeks after his return from the military.

Honorable Mentions

#5 10cm “Sseudam Sseudam”

I found a music video for the song, but the song is cut short and is mostly instrumental. So here is a live acoustic video that the duo put out soon after the song’s release. Doesn’t this song sound like it should be in a Wes Anderson movie or something lol? This song would be the highest charting release from their “3.0” album.

#8 Epik High “Happen Ending”
This was one of the three singles from their “Shoebox” album. There was a joint music video for this along with “Spoiler”, but it only features a tiny bit of the song. So here’s their comeback stage with the full song. The original song featured the vocals of Roller Coaster’s Cho Wonsun, but they had different singers for the music shows. This comeback stage features a familiar face.

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