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2PM fans donate to earthquake victims in Haiti under the name of ‘People who are waiting for 2PM Lea

In hope for Park JaeBum to return to 2PM, 2PM fansite UnderGround donates 10 million KRW to Haiti, recently devastated by massive earthquake.

The in-charge of UnderGround revealed about the donation on the fansite on 22nd January. It is known that the site has donated the amount under the name of ‘People who are waiting for 2PM Leadja Park JaeBum‘.

An in-charge of the site also said, “We will use part of the money we collect in hope for JaeBum’s return to earthquake victims in Haiti who need this money, this is one of the most meaningful things we as fans who wish for JaeBum to return can do, and we hope that relay the message to JaeBum in Seattle that we are all together.”

Fans comment to the donation drive with comments like, “I’m sure JaeBum will be excited at this donation activity”, “Thanks to JaeBum, we can convey some warmth to people in need. I believe JaeBum thinks the same.”

Source: TVDaily

Meanwhile, Dong Bang Shin Ki fansite DongNeBangNe has also started their donation drive to collect donations for the earthquake victims in Haiti since 19th January. Until 22nd January, about 1.5 million KRW has been collected, the drive will continue until the 28th.

Seo Taiji’s fans are also doing the same. They will donate for KBS ‘Love’s Request’ every year his birthday on 21st February. And for this year, according to Seo Taiji’s official homepage, they will be doing a donation drive for earthquake victims in Haiti.

Source: MoneyToday
Via: sookyeong

That's great to hear. :) 10 Million KRW is about USD8,677.
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