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2AM, "Park Jin Young went 'Ole!' at the news of our all-kill on the charts"

The 4-membered group 2AM released their mini-album on the 21st and have already swept the music and mobile charts with #1's. The ballad group that debuted in 2008 did not show as much explosiveness as dance groups did, despite their superb talent, but after their comeback, the intense interest that fell on them couldn't hide their happiness.

After their first broadcast of their hit single 'Even If I Die, I Can't Let Go', we met with them on the 23rd. Jokwon said, "It was the song we were showing after 10 months, I was shaking even at rehearsals." On this particular day, Jokwon and Ga-In won 1st place for their duet, 'We Fell In Love', making Jokwon even more happy.

Pre-recorded the day before, 2AM's brother group 2PM supported them, too. Seulong said, "2AM and 2PM visit each other during first broadcasts, jacket shootings, and music videos. It is natural now."

Last year's 2nd single 'Friend's Confession' producer Bang ShiHyuk met with them and created this mini-album, creating an "all-kill" in music charts in one day and dominating the mobile charts in 2 days. Not only 2AM, but their staff's mouths reach their ears, too.

Jokwon said, "Jinyoung-hyung called from the states and said, 'Ole!'". Park Jinyoung said, "The four of you did a good job."

They said boldly, "We want to be like G.O.D, a national group loved by everyone from all ages and sexes. We are confident."

Source: Newsen
Translation: parkjinyoung at omona_prection
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