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Kang Daniel To Take A Break From Activities After Writing Worrying Posts on his Fancafe

Kang Daniel wrote some worrying posts on his fancafe yesterday, where he admitted to struggling from false rumors and all the malicious comments aimed at him.

He first uploaded a short post confessing that everything has been too difficult, and it’s gotten to a point where he’s tiredly reaching out for help.

Seriously, I’m really

It’s too much. I’m so tried.
How. How can it be this hard?
It’s just been so difficult.
Someone. Please save me.

He pointed out that everything he does has become a source of ridicule from the malicious commenters and how even his fans are getting hated on just for supporting him.


The photos of myself kneeling after the end of Wanna One’s concert and the emotions I was feeling at the time has become a weapon to make fun of me.

How they edit everything that I do to make it look bad
How the music and performances that I love are being treated like trash
How the fans that I treasured are being ridiculed
How my family is getting cursed out instead of me
How it’s suddenly become a crime to say that they like me

Just everything is really too difficult.
The fact that I am me is too difficult.

He confessed that he’s been trying to endure all of the false rumors and hate since his Wanna One days but everything is really tiring now.


Ever since I was a part of a group
I endured every unjust situations and all kinds of rumors
Even this year, and even just last week, I have been enduring it all and keeping to myself
But I’m really just so tired.
I’m really having a difficult time.

He wrote that he’s become afraid of what will happen the next day and what any news reports will say about him.

Really I am

It’s come to a point where I’m afraid of the sun rising again tomorrow
I’m just afraid of any news report that has my name.

He also confessed that he’s well aware of how the malicious commenters continue to curse him out and taint his personality with false rumors.

I Know Everything

I know how everyone is cursing me out every single day
I know what words they’re using and the malicious comments they’re using to curse me out
I know how they’re judging my life by the couple of phrases and the false rumors
I know how I’ve lived my life

I have really just endured it all so much. Truly.
I’m too tired now.

Kang Daniel has faced multiple malicious commenters ever since his appearance on Produce 101 Season 2, but he faced an overwhelming amount of hate ever since he decided to stand up for himself by leaving his former agency. Everything from his comeback news, his dating news, and more have repeatedly been bombarded by malicious commenters who spread groundless rumors about his character and personality. (OP note: The latest one was about his Happy Together appearance last week, where someone started a smear campaign against him by intentionally twisting his words.)

His agency has since then released a statement about Daniel being diagnosed with depression and panic disorder in the first half of 2019. They furter added that he will take a break from activities.

First statemtent:

"Hello. This is KONNECT Entertainment.

Below is our official statement regarding our artist Kang Daniel.

Starting from the first half of the year, Kang Daniel visited the hospital after experiencing poor health due to a weak immune system as well as psychological anxiety. After a detailed examination, he was diagnosed with depression and panic disorder. Following this, he has continued to focus on treatment through psychotherapy and medication.

Though Kang Daniel did his best to stay grounded and not falter in a constantly changing environment despite his state, he recently expressed more severe symptoms of anxiety. Thus, we reached the conclusion that sufficient rest and stability is of the highest priority for the artist’s health and safety.

We canceled the pre-recording for MBC Music’s “Show Champion” that was scheduled for today (December 4) in the morning, and it is not possible for him to carry out his upcoming activities normally. The truth is that it is difficult to continue promotions for his digital single “Touchin'” in this situation.

We deeply apologize to fans, broadcasting stations, media outlets, and all other related personnel for causing concern with this sudden news.

We will take all measures possible for Kang Daniel to recover his health, and we will once again keep in mind the responsibility given to an agency to protect its artist.

Moreover, we ask you to refrain from making speculations and causing misunderstandings regarding Kang Daniel’s health and future activities. We will prepare a way to keep you informed about the progress of his recovery.

Once again, we apologize for bringing unfortunate news, and we ask you to support Kang Daniel until he can return healthily.

Thank you."

Second statement:
After explaining again that it is difficult for Kang Daniel to carry out promotions for his single “Touchin’” in this situation, the agency went on to say, “Like the DANITY who have been waiting a long time, Kang Daniel also personally was very excited for these promotions and felt attached to them. However, after careful talks between the artist and our company, it was decided that it would be best for him to take a temporary break so that he can promote in good health in the future.”

“We express our apologies for causing you so much worry and concern and making it so that you were not able to sleep,” they continued. “He is stable and is being taken care of by agency staff and his family. As an agency, we deeply feel that we must take responsibility for the protection of our artist, and we once again promise to do everything possible to put that into practice.”

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