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☆ GOT7 @ MAMA 2019 (meme7 strikes again) ☆

[2019 MAMA] GOT7_INTRO + ECLIPSE(2019 MAMA ver.) + You Calling My Name + Crash&Burn

[★ A detail from their performance ★]A detail from their performance:


[★ Worldwide Fans´ Choice Award speech ★]

[★ Favourite Dance Performance Award speech ★]

Red carpet:

[★ GOT7 x MAMA Red Carpet ★]

[★ Twitter Blue Room Interview (quite cute) ★]

Jinyoung just loves kids:

GOT7 being a mess:
[★ It doesn´t end there... ★]

Other miscellaneous goofiness:

This has most of the moments of them in MAMA, but not everything, also not subbed, anyways everything's listed in deparate tweets below and above in this post

[Reaction Cam] GOT7(갓세븐) Reaction to J.Y. Park(박진영) X MAMAMOO(마마무) l 2019MAMA x M2

(1:10 is other ppl's reaction to Jackson's reacting to JYP)

[★ Other funny tweets about their time @ MAMA ★]
Tag yourself I'm Jinyoung looking dead inside

The best meme to come out of MAMA:

[★ (Bonus) JJP being gross and clingy ★](Bonus) JJP being gross and clingy:

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Ok so thanks MAMA for deleting their performance on both naver and youtube and not re-uploading until a day later.
On the another hand, GOT7 manages to somehow top their goofiness to another level this time. Guess you gotta pass the time somehow in these shows lol?

What is Jinyoung reacting to? Check the post to find out~
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