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yoona is lonely

SNSD Yoona appeared on MBC 'Quiz That Change The World' as a special guest and confessed about her loneliness.

In MBC 'Quiz That Change The World' that aired on January 23rd, SNSD's Yoona appeared as a special voice guest and spoke through a phone with Seon-woo Yong-nyeo.

On this episode, MC Park Misun commented on the prevalence of dating between people of Yoona's age and asked Yoona if she felt lonely. Yoona replied, "Yes, I feel lonely," which sparked interest amongst male viewers.

Yoona continued to confess about her loneliness, "Although many male celebrities have selected me as their ideal women, no one have actually approached and chose me."

Meanwhile, the recently released teaser music video of SNSD's upcoming title track 'Oh!' have been a hot topic of conversation. Through various music portal websites, the full music video is to be released on the 25th. Additionally, the group will be having their comeback performance on MBC 'Music Core' on the 30th.

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translated by glucose @ ssf

Aw Yoona... I'll keep you company. Oh and the original image was just a still of this gif, anyway. :D
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