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Junsu's Live Performances (and more) on Park Myungsoo's Radio Show

'To Be a King' from Xcalibur
(iirc, its official english title might be 'Sword & Stone')

'Loving You Keeps Me Alive' from Dracula
(he's coming back as Dracula next year!)

✨ you can listen to the full show here

Kim Junsu made his first radio show appearance in ten years!

On December 2, he appeared as a guest on “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show.”

First off, Kim Junsu thanked Park Myung Soo for giving him the offer to appear on his radio show. The two celebrities will be starring in a reality program titled “Sharing House” (literal title) in which stars share their personal belongings while living together in a house. It highlights the worldwide phenomenon of a “sharing economy” by showcasing the different ways to share in our daily lives.

Concerning the reality program, Kim Junsu commented, “In the past, appearing on TV and being in variety shows was part of my everyday life. However, a lot has changed in the broadcasting world over the past ten years. [Shows] have become much more realistic than before. These days, variety shows seem like a bubble-like dream. For the past ten years, variety shows felt like an elusive dream [to me]. That dream has returned to me recently, so I’m always working hard to do my best.”

Then he talked about the aspect of revealing his house on TV, saying, “I was very cautious about publicizing my house. But these days, it’s natural for celebrities to reveal their homes, so I gained the courage to do it.”

Many fans think Kim Junsu is mysterious, but he explained, “With the lack of public appearances, it may seem like I’m mysterious, but I’m not like that at all.” Then he laughed as he added, “People’s assumptions made me mysterious.”

Park Myung Soo asked him about his monthly earnings, and he revealed, “My main sources of income are concert performances and musicals. I mostly spend my money on food. I don’t look at the price when I’m eating at a restaurant. I think eating is important. I usually eat one meal per day. I don’t check the price because I think it’s important to eat well.”

Kim Junsu said he communicated with fans through musicals and concerts for the past ten years and shared, “The stage is a large part of my life. The stage is a reminder of the reason for my existence. I experienced many emotions on the stage, including ups and downs, and I learned about life.”

He candidly admitted that he missed being on broadcasts and said, “To be honest, I had a hard time while appearing on TV or radio ten years ago. It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t tired from my tight schedule. However, I now realize that each one was so precious and grateful. If I can continue to be on TV, I will happily do my best.”

“Sharing House” will premiere on December 11 at 10:05 p.m. KST. Check out the show’s poster here!

sources: KBS CoolFM (2), soompi, naver (2, 3)

got late posting this bc of life but it was a really nice guesting! i got all choked up with the lives, can't believe a day like this where we have junsu getting to sing live on shows and radios has really come again, it's been too long - might do a full translation of the appearance later though soompi's covered quite a few bits of it!
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