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Yoo Seonho & PENTAGON Wooseok as cat owners on new TVN variety show

A new variety show about cats is headed our way!

On December 6, it was reported that tvN is launching a cat variety show titled “The Meow Is Fake” (literal title).

This program will explore the inner thoughts of cats through two cats that will appear as the main stars. The show will chronicle the everyday lives of these felines and their owners.

The cats’ thoughts will be comically portrayed through dubbing and captions. “Great Escape” and “The Genius” producing director (PD) Jung Jong Yeon will plan and direct the show. The PD explained, “I created the show because I wanted to show the charms of cats to many viewers as someone who raises cats.”

Shin Dong Yup and actor Oh Sung Je will lend their voices to narrate for a curious cat named Gummy and a calm cat named Bong Dal, respectively.

Yoo Seon Ho and PENTAGON’s Wooseok will attempt to raise the cats. Without a clue about the cats’ inner thoughts, the idols will have fun starting life as cat owners.

“The Meow Is Fake” premieres on January 5, 2020 at 10:40 p.m. KST.


A new variety show with cats! I'm in! And we have adorable Seonho and Wooseok as the cat owners...more reason for me to watch this show.
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