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Interlude is the biggest debut for a Korean act on Spotify, tops Itunes in 54 countries

A collaboration between BTS Suga and American singer and songwriter Halsey titled Interlude proved its popularity as it received 2,921,879 streams on Spotify on its first day, making it the biggest debut for a Korean act on Spotify, followed by J-Hope with Chicken Noodle Soup (1.4m streams) and RM with Seoul Town Road (1.2m streams).

The song debuted on Spotify Global Top 50 at 44th place. This is the first ever song by a Korean soloist to debut in Top 50.

Interlude also topped Itunes in 54 countries including The United Kingdom, India, Argentina, France, Sweden, Brazil, Portugal, Israel, Hungary and Russia.

In an interview with 102.7KIISFM Halsey revealed that she has always wanted to collaborate with Suga because she has been a fan of his music since she heard "The Last". She added that she believes in his voice and wanted to help him showcase his talent. You can watch the interview below:

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