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Kang Jihwan who admitted to sexually assaulting 2 women only gets probation

Kang Ji Hwan was sentenced to three years of probation in his sexual assault case.
On December 5 at the Seongnam branch of the Suwon District Court, the sentencing hearing took place for Kang Ji Hwan who was accused of charges of quasi-rape (op note: means raping a person who is unconscious or not able to resist) and quasi-indecent acts by force.

The court sentenced Kang Ji Hwan to a prison sentence of two years and six months suspended for three years of probation. This means that if he commits an offense during the three-year probation period, he will serve out his prison sentence of two years and six months. Furthermore, the court ordered Kang Ji Hwan to serve 120 hours of community service, to partake in 40 hours of rape treatment program, and to be barred from employment at any workplace which provides services to children or the disabled for three years.

Previously, Kang Ji Hwan was apprehended by police on July 9 at his home in Gwangju on reports that he had sexually assaulted two female staff members while they slept. Although the actor initially stated that he could not recall the incident, he canceled all activities following his arrest and eventually admitted to the majority of charges in a statement on July 15. However, Kang Ji Hwan continued to dispute parts of evidence in the third hearing for the case.

During the final trial, the prosecutors suggested a three-year prison sentence along with recommendations that he complete a rape treatment program, register on the sex offender registry, and be barred from certain employment for five years. Meanwhile, his defense attorney requested leniency, citing the actor’s admission of guilt and his remorse. Court cited lack of evidence to say victims were incapacitated/unable to resist.

Kang Ji Hwan also shed tears during his closing argument, stating, “I wanted to raise a beautiful family and become the best father in the world before it was too late.” He said, “I’m resentful of myself for doing such a thing, especially to someone I know. I resent myself as I have no excuses, and I can’t forgive myself. I’m sorry. I’m also regretful.”

Kang Ji Hwan will soon be discharged from the detention center where he is being held.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver, koryodynasty, yna.co

Read here about what the victims said happened on that day, Kang Ji Hwan is digusting.
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