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ZE:A: World-famous designer Lee Joo Young debuts in Korea

9-member rookie group ZE:A (Children of Empire) wore world-famous designer Lee Joo Young's clothes on Inkigayo's stage tonight.

ZE:A performed their debut song "Mazeltov" on SBS Inkigayo stage on 24th January. They wore clothes designed by Lee Joo Young to show more of their manly and funky style.

Lee Joo Young is responsible for American rockstar Marilyn Manson's clothes for the music video from "Eat me drink me" album, as well as the production of his jacket costumes for the world tour. He's also famous for supporting designs for Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas.

It's the first time that a major designer star, Lee Joo Young, helps a rookie group from his home country. Lee Joo Young saw ZE:A's concept and style and will actively continue to support it.

On the other hand, ZE:A finished their second week of promotions for their debut single "Mazeltov", appearing on various TV and radio shows, and will continue to promote it.

SOURCE: Newsen
TRANSLATION: Nashirah@EmpireChildren

I'm so proud of these boys. ♥
Tags: fashion, ze:a
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