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Fans are worried about DIA's Somyi

DIA's maknae, Somyi, has fans worried after an Instagram live where she was crying and sharing feelings of low self-esteem. In the video, Somyi calls herself "ugly" and "nobody" and claims that DIA would be "more beautiful" without her. Fans are speculating foul play on the part of DIA's agency, MBK Entertainment; they may have banned Somyi from social media and/or banned her from DIA's current schedules. The Instagram live itself seemed to be done without the company's permission.

Somyi's Instagram used to be updated regularly, but it hasn't been updated since August 17th. Fans are now flooding her Instagram with supportive messages.

Source: Instagram: somsom_o0o via Twitter: mylittlelover

not gonna link to the video but it can be found on twitter search. poor somyi, she has such a unique look and that must be hard in an industry that wants everyone to look the same. she was an AID (fan) before becoming a member, too. please consider adding to the supportive comments
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