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SJ Concert in Beijing: Hangeng is not present, Heechul in tears, Kyuhyun is Jam Xiao

Super Junior’s 2nd Asia Tour officially ended its Beijing stop yesterday, and because of HanGeng’s issue, KangIn’s hiatus and KiBum’s acting commitments, SJ only had 10 members performing, all bringing songs as well as their solo performances. Fans offstage were both touched and upset, shouting ‘HanGeng, KiBum and KangIn’ from time to time, and even with fans crying.

This is SJ’s first time holding a concert in Beijing, and also the first super show without HanGeng. Therefore, there were changes in some of the performances, like cancelling HanGeng’s solo, Super Junior- M performing with only 6 members, and the dance battle that comprises of EunHyuk, ShinDong and HanGeng was changed to EunHyuk, ShinDong, DongHae and Sungmin. The VCR also underwent changes, leaving out most of HanGeng’s footage.

Although the people were not present, fans still gave their support. Fansigns for Hangeng were lit, and before the concert started, fans were screaming HanGeng, KiBum, KangIn’, the members that were unable to turn up. Once the VCR showed HanGeng, fans started screaming, and when the concert came to an end, while one end shouted encore, the other shouted ‘HanGeng’. And when it was SJ-M turn to perform [Blue Tomorrow], HanGeng’s name was once again shouted.

One of HanGeng’s fan said that when she saw the dance battle, she felt really upset, because the whole choreography was changed, which caused many of HanGeng’s fans to cancel their tickets. When asked why she still turned up, she said, “Because we are holding on to this hope, that HanGeng might turn up,’ causing the other fans to burst into tears.

When singing [Shining Star], HeeChul and Eeteuk were in tears, while fans too, were crying, shouting the members’ name. Many fans said it was the first time that they saw HeeChul cry.

Emotions aside, Heechul also provided laughter to many, SJ’s imitation of SNSD’s Gee, and HeeChul don 2 plaits, attracting a lot of attention. And during his solo, he wore a suit that matched his rock stage.

Lastly, HeeChul also used Chinese to communicate with the fans, saying, ‘having you around, makes us happy.’ At the end, HeeChul also pulled ZhouMi out, saying to the fans, 'I say Zhou, You say Mi’ , making ZhouMi really embarrassed.

Apart from performing [Sorry Sorry], [Twins], [U] and all their other songs, the concert also had solo performances from other members. Ryeowook had a dance with a female dancer, Eeteuk sang [Honey], Siwon sang [Who Am I], and KyuHyun sang Jam Xiao’s [Forgive Me], showing off his vocals, making the fans really hyped. DongHae sang and danced to [My Beautiful], the song he composed and wrote lyrics on his own, as well as using Chinese to greet the fans, garnering the most screams from fans.

The highlight of the Super Junior’s concert would be the interaction between members on stage, Eeteuk and EunHyuk were singing while on the floor, and Yesung ran and sat on top of EunHyuk; with the mood at level high, Siwon carried HeeChul and walked around the stage, and his shirt was being ripped by Eeteuk. SIwon took revenge, and did the same back to Eeteuk. The members playing around: while KyuHyun was singing, DongHae and Eeteuk went to put the fishing net on his head; and when he was going to sing a high note, one of the members would definitely tickle him on the neck, making him unable to continue singing. The whole place did not look like a concert, but instead, a party that allows one to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Translated by: lunny- at SJ-WORLD.NET
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