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SHINee's Interview with Happy8 Magazine in China

SHINee: Existing to Dazzle You

It is definitely not too much to see SHINee as another of SM Entertainment's secret weapon after Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior, these 5 big boys have been widely recommended for their unique vocals and refreshing looks. On the first day of New Year, Korea's extremely popular group SHINee arrived at Hunan TV, creating the first wave of the Hallyu in 2010. From the New Year's Mango Festival to the media interviews the next day, not only did they dazzle the Chinese audience in front of the TV, they also dazzled the media.

Why is SHINee so attractive? All our questions were answered after meeting them. We can only say that, SHINee deserves to be loved.

Onew: Dazzling You with Silliness

Onew's Korean fans once revealed that sometimes, his brain seems to be missing a tendon, and he is always doing silly things, even if he is a high flying student in school, even if he is SHINee's leader. His Chinese is not proficient, and when he in Taiwan, he even introduced himself as 'Wo Niu'(snail) instead of 'Wen Liu'(Onew). His psychomoto skills are bad, and he is always tripping, and each fall is always very hard.. Personally I felt that there is not much to investigate about him, but during this trip to Changsha, the reporter has managed to affirm the fans' thoughts -- He is definitely 'silly'!

When he first met with the reporter, he just kept grinning, and started greeting without caring if the people around him understood Korean or not. It was until he finished saying 4 or 5 sentences that he realised : "Oh, you don't understand Korean?"

Looking at his expression and also his tone then, there was this urge to open out his brain to see what exactly is inside his brain. Just when we thought that he would not say any more silly stuff, his low laughter on the other hand had everyone at a loss of what to do. Most people upon seeing him grinning would ask: "Why are you smiling?" And he would then ask back: "What did you just say?" This is how the phrase 'donkeys' lips don't match horses' jaws' originated. When it was meal time, the reporter thought that he would not have anything to be silly about. But he started distributing burgers to his buddies like a cafeteria uncle who distributes food: "This is yours, this is yours, oh and this is mine." Throughout the whole distributing process, his eyes were dazed looking, and he was just staring at the burgers he was giving out. Looking at this scene, few were not baffled -- Even though he is the oldest member of the group, but he is definitely not at the age to turn senile right? After all he is only just 21 years old,but that expression and tone is really not something that a 89-er should have.

We say that fortune favours the fools, and this charmingly naive leader does possess leadership qualities that is hard to speak about. Even though he always receives 'dirty looks' from his members as a result of saying somethign ridiculous but when it comes to key moments, he is really quite useful. When they were asked about H1N1, Onew said seriously : "This question will be answered by Jonghyun!" Jonghyun then straightened up in his seat and answered the question, and when he was done, he did not forget to look at the leader who instructed him, as if looking to be praised by the leader. Seems like no matter how silly a leader is, he is still the head, we definitely cannot not see Onew as the cadre!

Jonghyun: Dazzling You with Childishness

Upon first look at this SHINee group, everyone will definitely take note of this boy first. Standing in the midst of "herbivorous" SHINee, his looks that seem more carnivorous (deeper and more mature in comparison) make it hard for people to neglect his existence and his fierce gaze gives people the impression that he is not easy to get close to. When a vairety show in Korea revealed a self-ca photo of him pouting, everyone suddenly realised that this Jonghyun seems quite childish too. After looking at Jonghyun's domineering and aggressive dance on Mango Festival, and then looking at the incredibly childish kid who has transformed from his fighter mode, the reporter cannot help to lament in shock: "Seems like there is nothing impossible in this world."

Jonghyun belongs to the kind who can have a stoic expression one moment, and then in the next moment, he can shed his ice cold exterior and start smiling, before having lots of fun with the people around him. The reporter saw him pouting and smiling at his buddies, and coy mannerism is like a kid trying to ask for sweets from his parent -- Is he still the Jonghyun who stood in front of cameras with soulful eyes and singing aggressive songs? Maybe it was because the atmosphere was quite high, Jonghyun kept swaying and shaking his head when he answered the reporter's question, looking every bit like a little dinorsaur that has not yet grown up, no wonder he is dubbed at part of SM Entertainment's "Dinosaur Siblings" along with Donghae and Amber! When asked about a movie that they are anticipating, the few of them answered in chorus: "Avatar!" When they found out that it was being shown in Changsha that day, Jonghyun suddenly tugged at the translator's arm and asked: "Is that true? Are there Korean subtitles?" The temperature of the room rapidly dropped to below zero degree celcius at that moment, before the entire room burst out in laughter the next second. Then this Jonghyun kid actually stuck his tongue out and with a very embarrassed look, said: "Oh no, everyone actually understands Korean." This sentence once again had the room doubling over in laughter and at the point in time, the reporter really wanted to ask him: "Kid, are you even 5 years old this year?"

Minho: Dazzling You with Charisma

The NO.1 charisma as selected by all the members! Flaming Minho is definitely the winner.Even though he has a tanned complexion from playing soccer since young, but that still does not affect his perfection -- Eyes that are sometimes deep-thinking, movements that are sometimes powerful, he definitely has a price-like presence. That's the reason why many people will be stunned when seeing him for the first time. If he can be said as charismatic on the screen, then offscreen, he is dazzlingly charismatic.

His legs are long, his feet are long, his eyelashes are long, when he walks there is a breeze accompanying him, everything he does is enough to carry a breeze; he is like Sudhana (Child of Wealth) that has came out from a painting. When he talks, he is always half nodding at you and half smiling at you. The reporter thinks with a sigh: No wonder he is the junior of Choi Siwon. When he was chosen as the NO.1 charisma, Jonghyun points really resignedly at Minho and said through gritted teeth: "He's so handsome, what can we do about do?" All these are still understandable, but when he was drinking from a large bottle of Coke, he even gave the feeling that he was shooting a CF. Onew who was sitting at the side was unable to tolerate it anymore and snatched the bottle away from Minho who returned the gesture with a glance and a smile, causing many hearts to break into pieces. Alright, it's not your fault that you are handsome, but it's your fault if you are always dazzling and killing us with your charisma all the time!

We say that loneliness is a way to protect a handsome guy, and Minho's quiet expression from start gave everyone the feeling that "this kid is probably very lonely". But this cool boy was able to play around 'silently' with his groupmates (Please note, there isn't a mistake in word choice, he really did play around with his member without saying a word) before running to a guy who was part of their entourage and patting on the shoulder, saying something softly to him. The reporter instinctively asked the translator what they were talking about, and the translator turned a little teary upon hearing their conversation. Minho was asking: "Are you missing home already? We are going back tomorrow already." Seems like being handsome is not equal to being lonely, because this handsome boy will never let others feel lonely, and through this, he will also receive the warmth of company from others.

Key: Dazzling You with Wittiness

In this 5 member group, Key always has a special presence. When you see him, you cannot help but to think "This person exudes a really different air from the others". Everything that is unique about him is exuded from within him, be it his gazes or his mannerism, there will always be something strange about it. The same hairstyle if put on someone else will probably make that person look like an ahjumma, but once it is put on him, he can carry it off in a totally different flavour. He has been chosen by the members as the member with the best fashion sense, and compared to his members who will let the Cody noonas dress them, Key will always have his own ideas. Be it wearing another necklace or adding another scarf, after they have been through Key's hands, they will look different. It is no wonder that his members see him as their fashion consultant, and feel that it will be especially cool if he is their 'girlfriend'.

Key is just like an almighty key, he possesses really shocking ability to imitate dances. During the interview, 'Muzik' was being played in the waiting room, and this fellow was just grooving about freely without a care for the crowd in the room, his movements so natural that it was as if he was dancing to his own dance. Jonghyun added from the side: "If you want him to dance all the girl group songs that he knows, I bet he won't be able to finish dancing all by next morning." The reporter thus give up trying to realise this speculation. When it comes to rap, although Minho is the resident rapper of the group, but Minho himself also strongly praises Key's rapping ability. His strong and sharp articulation, rythmic measured tone, it is thus no wonder that he was able to participate as a guest performed in Dong Bang Shin Ki's 3rd Asia Tour as the rapper of Junsu's solo performance, "XIAHTIC".

Usually witty people gives off the feeling that they are not the sort who can fit into communities since the clean and fresh pasture cannot exist with the dirty soil of the earth, but Key has this to say to everyone: Wittiness is not incompatible with harmony! When he shouts "I want to get married", the world has come together.

Taemin: Dazzling you with Naughtiness

In all the groups from SM Entertainment, the maknaes all seem to have the most quiet existence, this natural thinking has led to people thinking that Taemin is probably like this too. In Korea, whether it is on variety shows or in front of the camera, Taemin certainly does portray that he is a quiet person; he hides behind his hyungs and listens to them answering questions, and most of the time only speaking "Hello, I am SHINee's Taemin" when he has to introduce himself to the media. Because he is the group's "dancing machine", Taemin will always leap forward without hesitation whenever any sunbaes want to see the best of SHINee's dancing abilities.

Coming to Changsha however, ever since stepping into the place of interview, Taemin did not stop moving for even a single second. Initially we thought that Onew and him were holding hands out of pure brotherly love, but then we found them glaring at each other with extremely red faces as if they were suppressing something. It was only when Taemin suddenly clapped his hand and said: "I won!" that everyone realised that these two were arm wrestling. When Minho was taking photos by himself in the front, Taemin, along with Onew, Jonghyun and Key started playing "Piggy Backing Game" at the back, causing everyone, except the photographer, to divert their attention to the unusually chaotic "Piggy Back Quartet". At that moment we could feel that the 3 hyungs were just accepting Taemin's commands to let him bounce and hop around, and he ended up falling 3 times, and would continue playing again after getting up each time. That certainly felt no different from a monkey in a tree.

Many people will say, this kid is still young, so when he's naughty it's pretty cute. However when it comes to a group discussion about who is the most Casanova out of them, Taemin actually got selected with majority votes. So we say, even though this baby is naughty but he has already grown up. No matter how naughty he is he is still a man!

1. About Their First Television Performance in China

Happy 8: This is the first time that you have come to Changsha, China, how do you feel?

Onew: For me, before we arrived at Changsha, we stopped over at Beijing. During then I felt that the airport was really clean, and after that I kept thinking it everything is not bad.

Jonghyun: Yes yes, and the fans are really very passionate, I think there are two cars that kept following us? But really thankful to the fans, it's really tiring for them!
(In the midst of interviewing, the person sent to buy food came back. The boys started pointing at the bags and shouting in Chinese: "Fries! Fries!" )

Happy8: What is your level of Chinese like currently?

SHINee: Fries!
(The boys kept saying 'fries' one after another. The reporter goes teary-eyed, seems like this is not the time to ask this question.)

Happy8: After coming to Changsha, is there anything that has left a deep impression with you?

Onew: Fire crackers, they are very loud, and it gives off a lively feel. It seems like the people here likes to light fire crackers.
Taemin: Yes, the noise is really loud, my ears were ringing from it, keke.
(Unexpectedly, the boys actually asked something. We franctically explained to them the tradition of lighting fire crackers in Hunan and they all nodded thoughtfully. Not sure if they really did understand or they were just pretending to understand.)

Happy8: How does each of you feel about your first performance on television in China?

Taemin: The plane flew to Beijing before we came to Changsha, this is the first time. Other than the previous time we came for the SM Town concert, this is the second time that we have come to China, and it's also the first time we have appeared on China's television screen. The fans are all very passionate, so I just want to present everyone with an even better stage.

Minho: The moment I arrived in China, my mood also became really good because the fans welcomed us right from the moment we were here. They also anticipated and waited for us at our performance, so I feel really happy.

Key: The members have said what I wanted to say, but I still want to say that the fans are really very passionate, so much so that it was unexpected. We will work even harder in the future to repay all the fans' anticipation.

2. About 'Ring Ding Dong' Hot Trend.

Happy8: Firstly, congratulations on receiving many awards last year, with 'Ring Ding Dong' even creating a hot wave. So have you thought that "we are actually this popular?"

Onew: No no, we have just started and we have always been working very hard. Actually the people whom we have to thanks are our fans who are always supporting us, they are definitely our motivation to do better.

Jonghyun: Yes, thank you so much to our fans, no matter where you are from.

Happy8: Are there a lot of people around you who are learning the 'Ring Ding Dong' dance? Who do you think is the best at imitating you?

Jonghyun: Hmmm, we haven't thought of it before. Who's the best?

Key: f(x)? Kekekeke.

Happy8: When your friends and relatives see you now, will they ask you to perform your song for them?

Key: Nope, but they will ask me to perform girl group dances for them, hahahahaha!

3. About "H1N1" Times.

Happy8: Last year all of you have managed to achieved good results in various arenas, but there is still some little regrets. For example Jonghyun, Onew and Taemin all came down with H1N1 at different timings. How did everyone endure through that period?

Jonghyun: We rested well, ate medicine, ate meals, relaxed our moods. That... It's actually like coming down with a flu, it didn't feel very serious except that it's a new virus which everyone knows of so it appears to be very seriously. But thinking about it, it's actually nothing much.....
(Jonghyun catches the look from leader Onew and responds especially quickly.)

Happy8: Did you feel scared or confided in your colleagues saying "I am feeling really terrible" or other thoughts like this?

Onew: When I first realised it, I was shocked and unhappy as our new album was just released and we have prepared for all our promotional activities but I ended up being unable to promote, so it felt really horrible. So I just kept telling myself to recover quickly, and in the end I finally recovered.

Key: At the point in time, my first thought was : "I am really fortunate to not have been infected with the virus. I shall not see those few who are ill during this period of time." Keke.

Minho: I just washed my hands regularly, and also tried not to tire myself out, but those with good immune systems don't really need to worry as much.

4. About the Never-ending Personal Issues.

Happy8: What is your ideal type of girls?

Key: I don't really have an exact person in mind, as long as her personality matches with me it will be fine.

Minho: Our personalities must get along, it will be best if she is pretty.

Jonghyun: Someone who is caring and understanding.

Taemin: A girl who has fair skin.

Onew: I like girls with pretty hands.

Happy8: If you have to choose a member to be your girlfriend, who will it be?

Onew: Key!

Taemin: I will choose Key too.

Jonghyun: Me too.

Minho: All of us feel that it is Key, because he likes shopping and takes careful notice of fashion and style. Normally he is also very thoughtful and detailed, and has a personality that is willing to take care of others, so we chose him.

Happy8: What about Key?

Key: I am not very clear, maybe it's because I have never been in love before so I am not very clear about this feeling.
(Key's eyes kept glancing at the other 4 members, and in the end he still did not make a decision, seems like he really cannot decide...)

Happy8: We always see photos of you shopping together, do you always go out shopping together or something?

Jonghyun: Actually we don't always go shopping, let alone shopping together, but what is strange is that the few times we went out, we were caught on camera. We ourselves even feel that it's weird when we saw the photos.

Key: Yes, the fans are really amazing.

5. Ask & Answer Time!

Happy8: As the leader, how does Onew maintain the relationships between members?

Onew: If I love all of them, they will naturally listen to me. Keke, they are very obedient right?

Taemin: Though there are times when there is a generation gap. Keke, most of the time we will listen to him!

Happy8: What is Jonghyun's shortcoming?

Jonghyun: That I am too perfect, hahahahaha.
(Minho patted Jonghyun's shoulder with the intention to say something but sighed and let go of him. The rest remained speechless.)

Happy8: Minho participated in Korea's university entrance exam last month, how did that feel?

Minho: That is Korea's biggest exam, before the exam I was nervous and worried. I was very busy during that period, but on the night before the exam I rested really early, and I felt good after the exam.
(There was some problems with the translating but it seems like Minho said that his results are out.)

Happy8: We always see Key dancing girl group dances in some Korean variety shows, how many dances do you know?

Key: There isn't any limit, as long as you show me the dance I will know it. Perhaps I am faster at learning dances compared to the other members.

Happy8: Taemin is the youngest in the group, so usually which hyung takes care of you the most?

Taemin: All of them take care of me a lot... (stuttering) After living together with the hyungs for so long, all of them are just like my real hyungs.

Key: You must choose one from the 4 of us!

Taemin: Then...Then... The manager hyung!
(At this point in time, Key pretended to look very disgruntled, and kept sighing, probably thinking that Taemin was going to choose him. When the reporter complained that the answer was too safe, Taemin looked helplessly at the other 4 members who were staring at him, his expression was really amusing to watch.)

6. It's Him? It's Him? It's Still Him?

Happy8: Who is the most Casanova?

Taemin: 3 votes / Jonghyun: 2 votes
Side Story: The hyungs also pointed at Taemin with the expression that this kid is really someone that we should not take lightly. Taemin seemed pretty proud that he was being chosen. Kid, this doesn't seem to be a compliment!

Happy8: Who likes kids the most?

Key: 4 votes / Minho: 1 vote
Side Story: Just when everyone else has chosen Key, Minho raised his hand timidly and said aggrievedly : "I... I... I like kids too!" The entire room erupts into laughter.

Happy8: Who is NO.1 without makeup?

Minho received all votes.
Side Story: Minho was especially happy at this outcome, his smile was really sweet. At the moment, Jonghyun said: "So you are finally happy now right!" which caused Minho to 'strangle' Jonghyun's neck. Key added from the side: "Actually all of us are not bad without makeup, of course except for me. Because recently I have to apply eye makeup, so when I removed it, even I can't stand it. Haha!"

Happy8: Who do you think will be the first to get married?

Key received all votes.
Side Story: In the process of voting, Jonghyun was shaking his head and saying : "Sigh! Do we need to even say this..." The few of them then started ranting about how Key always tell them about how he wants to get married and such stuff, and Key himself was also having the expression that agrees with them. His urgent desire to want to get married can be seen from how he actually voted for himself. But kid, how old are you now!

Happy8: Who is the most handsome member?

Taemin, Jonghyun and Onew pointed at Minho. Minho pointed at Jonghyun. Key abstained.
Side Story: Jonghyun pointed at Minho and said: "He's really handsome!"

Happy8: Who has the biggest appetite?

Taemin received all votes.
Side Story: Initially everyone chose Minho, but Taemin was saying softly at the side: "Please choose me!" So Jonghyun said: "Of course it's Taemin!" In the end everyone chose Taemin. We didn't see you guys fighting to be chosen as the most handsome member, but yet you fought so much to be the member with the biggest appetite, we give it to you!

Source: 百度SHINee吧
Credits: SHINee Forums
Translation: atlantis-x @ soompi

This is one of the best interviews with Shinee I have ever read actually. LOL at Onew the senile cafeteria uncle and Taemin the casanova.
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