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SHINee TaeMin reveals unique sleeping habits of leader Onew

was asked ‘As the youngest, when is the time when leader Onew is the scariest’ and he answered, “Onew hyung is not a scary hyung. But he has a side to him where he talks a lot. When he sleeps, he covers himself in the blanket till the end of his head. And when he wakes up, he will be cover in perspiration.”


Onew then added, “I need to cover myself fully when I sleep. When I see light, I cannot sleep.” And MC asked, “So you don’t nap in the day?” and Onew replied, “I will sleep in dark places in the day.”


TaeMin was also asked the question ‘Have you thought of getting swine flu because you hate school?” and he answered, “I’ve thought of that before.”

He then explained, “I would be good to get swine flu as I dislike going to school, but that(getting the flu) will be tiring/tough too.”

Fellow member Onew then recalled, “If you are not feeling well, you will not think of it that way. I recalled when I had swine flu.” and TaeMin added, “You don’t get to rest well because you are in pain, and you can only stay at home.”

credits: sookyeong
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