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HyunA And DAWN Adopt A Rescue Dog Together

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DAWN recently shared a video on Instagram of HyunA tearfully holding and petting their newly adopted dog. She explains that she’s crying because she’s so touched, and DAWN assures her, “It will all be fine if we just care for them from now on.” HyunA replies, “We should have brought them home sooner.” DAWN tells her, “They’re our baby now.”

DAWN wrote in the caption, “Be healthy” and added in a comment, “Everyone, please adopt instead of buying.”

A source from their agency P NATION stated to SPOTV News on December 16, “The two of them often go to a shelter for abandoned dogs in the No Won district, and they became very taken by that dog and decided to adopt.” They said, “They heard that the dog hadn’t been adopted by anyone, so they decided to take care of the dog together.”

HyunA is well known for showing love and concern for abandoned dogs. She adopted a rescue dog in 2013 as well, and she’s also taken part in an abandoned dog adoption campaign with all proceeds going to an animal protection group.

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