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Former Nine Muses member Sera reacts to their old music videos, spills behind the scenes stories


@2:00 No Playboy, she says that she didn't like the outfits; it was okay for her to wear something like that but the youngest members were only 18 back then and had a hard time filming the video. Seeing them cry made her cry for an hour and that's why they removed her from the leader position. Also said that the song was meant for 2PM (JYP produced it), they even recorded it but later gave it to Nine Muses.

@7:30 Figaro, she says that they screwed up and wished they didn't sing No Playboy, there were certain changes and the man in charge was changed, the producer team changed to SweetTune (whose songs she loved), the lineup changed and according to her they were like "Let's do this or die". She says that "if you remember the dance practice it was super synchron because we were so angry and eager to (...) just now or never".

@12:35 News, says that it has been 5-6 years since she watched the video. Starting from this song they realized what they should do on stage and how they should show theirselves.

@16:45 Ticket, she loves this song and immediately fell in love with it when she heard the demo. Talks about filming the mv and that it was really cold and snowy on that day. Also she burned her shoulder because she spilled hot tea on herself the day before the filming and had to change her outfit for the dance scence with Hyuna.

@21:20 Dolls, she doesn't talk much about this one except that it's her favorite song.

@25:20 Wild, also doesn't talk much about this one.

@29:00 Gun, briefly talks about the filming, says that it was super hot on that day and they stayed in a container box for the first time. She also didn't like one of the outfits but says that she couldn't do much because she's just one of the workers.

@33:10 Glue, says the video was low budget (lol). She doesn't talk much about this one but instead dances around in her room.

source: Sera Ryu youtube
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