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The best and brightest K-Pop beauty moments of 2019

Sana's Melted Cotton Candy Hair and Makeup (Feel Special MV)
Jungkook's Long Hair
HyunA's Bejeweled Cheeks (Flower Shower)
Youngjae and BamBam's Pantone Hair Colours (Blue and coral)
Soyeon's Blunt Bob
Jennie's Metallic Lines (KTL eye makeup)
Monsta X's Mood-Lit Hair and Makeup (Follow promo)
Hwasa's Word Hair Clips (Twit)
Jeonghan's Scarlet Lipstick Smear (Fear)
Wendy's Shag Haircut
Sunmi's Floating Heart Cheek Art (Noir)
The Boyz's Floral Stickers (Bloom Bloom perf)
Hongjoong's Pearl Brow (Wonderland perf)
Astro's Sprinkles of Glitter (All light)
EXO's Fiery Hair and Makeup (Obsession)
Chung Ha's Crystal Tears (Snapping)
ITZY's Funfetti
Holland's Black Lipstick
Sulli's Fanciful Liner (Goblin)

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Tags: beauty products, makeup
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