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OMONA Predictions 2019: the reveal + share your predictions for 2020!

This time last year, I asked you to share your prediction for K-pop 2019. Now that the year is slowly coming to an end and a new decade is upon us, it's time to check which predictions came true, partly true or not true at all! As always, share your predictions for 2020 in the comments below!


  • Hyuna will make her solo comeback She made her comeback after 2 years and under her new agency P-Nation with "Flower Shower" in November.

  • At least one member of AOA will not renew their contract with FNC. Mina said excuse me and left the group in May.

  • Hello Venus disbands. The girls officially ended their group promotions in April.

  • An EXO member will finally release a proper solo debut. We even got two this year! First Chen in March, and then Baekhyun in July (but none for Kai like many predicted).

  • CL leaves YG. The day we've all been waiting for finally happened on November 8th.

  • Twice will have their first dating scandal. Jihyo finally knows what love is thanks to her relationship with Kang Daniel and they're both super cute!

  • A prominent idol will get caught in a massive scandal that will open the floodgates for hell. I think that counts for the Burning Suns scandal, right?


  • Exid all re-sign their contracts. Hani and Jeonwha decided to leave Banana Culture, however the girls are still signed to their Japanese agency.

  • f(x) disbands. While SM is still holding onto the group, the only remaining member left is Krystal since Victoria, Luna and Amber all have left their agency this year.

  • BTS will have a dating scandal. Uh, kind of...? Armys all around the world went crazy this September when photos of Jungkook and a female friend leaked, but Big Hit denied it, stating that they're just friends.


  • Hyuna and Hyojong (Dawn) will break up. We're all rooting for them and so far they're still going strong!

  • Pristin will make their long awaited comeback. Yeah, not exactly. The group disbanded but several members re-debuted in a new group.

  • Weki Meki will win their first music show award. The group had two comebacks this year but did not manage to grab any awards at music shows.

  • We finally find out why Jay left 2PM 10 years ago. One of K-Pop's best kept secrets, even a decade later.

  • Lay leaves EXO. Same procedure as every year... nope.

Merry christmas and have a great 2020, OMONA! Let's hope that next year we'll get less drama and more great music.

edit: Thanks mods for sticking this post to the top! <3
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