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FTI's Lee HongKi shows some love to CN BLUE

Flower Boy Band FT Island's lead vocal Lee HongKi caught many attention from showing "strong" emotional feeling toward the new band CN BLUE.

On the 21st, Lee HongKi commented through a FT Island's fan site, "I am really happy because we got team that does band music with us. Together I want to introduce the band genre to everyone."

Lee HongKi and the lead vocalist, Jung YongHwa, are family members that share the same management, FNC Music. Lee HongKi and Jung YongHwa even got closer filming the drama 'You're Beautiful' and sharing the hard training times together, winning the title "Brotherly Group."

They even showed more close bonds when FT Island and CN BLUE appeared at each other's concerts and debut showcases. Lee HongKi even sang the title song "I'm a Loner" during the recording for the show Dream Team and changed the song on this mini-homepage to "I'm a Loner."

Lee HongKi boasted, "These days, everyday is so joyful. Doing activities, I was so envious of other groups playing around with group from the same management, and finally!!! We, FT Island got a family member as well."

He went on to say, "We were always lonely being the only band group compared to the dance groups, but now! I'm really happy to be sharing band activities with each other." Then he even requested the Primadonnas (FT Island's fan base) to support CN BLUE as well.

Lastly he added, "At times like this when bands aren't very popular, and we also know that FT Island and CN BLUE aren't as nearly good as some of the sunbaes, but we will work hard on spreading out the band genre to the public. So Primadonnas and CN BLUE fans, join forces together and say "Fighting." Soon we will be also greeting you guys wil some good music."

Source: Il-Gan Sports
Translation: cnbluemoonlight @ Code Azzurro

needs more FTI & CN blue bromance plz
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