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Ivy ends 3rd album promotions in tears on SBS Inkigayo

Ivy ends her 3rd album promotions with tears.

She had her last performance for her 3rd album ‘I Be’ promotions on 24th January on SBS Inkigayo performing the song ‘Goodbye Tears’, and during the performance she was unable to hold back her tears.

She had her comeback last October after 2 years and has garnered much hype and interests for her long awaited comeback. But a series of events after her comeback had caused her many bashes from netizens and also she was unable to perform her hit song on music shows due to censorship.

However, the songs ‘Touch Me’ and ‘Goodbye Tears’ are said to be a success amongst music fans for it has done well on various music charts.

A staff said on 24th January, “Ivy thought of all the tough times she had for her comeback after so long, and the tears just came. Even though Ivy is sad, she is happy that the fans have showered her with love and support for her comeback.”

Source: Newsen + K-Bites
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