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'oh!' makes it to #1 on real-time music chart

The nine member group SNSD have once again brought up the music fever with the release of their new track as it quickly rose to #1 on real-time music chart.

According to the music site Monkey3, the release of the new title track 'Oh!' on the 25th at 11:00AM received explosive response online and reached #1 on real-time chart.

Monkey3's representative Lee Jung Gyoo commented, "Even though we already predicted that the new track would definitely reach #1, we were curious as to how fast the track would rise to top #1." He concluded, "the new track 'Oh!' have topped #1 within the first ten minutes of its release and have received quicker response than 'Tell Me Your Wish'."

SNSD's second album will be released on the 28th.

original source
translated by Glucose @ ssf

:D How exciting for them.
Tags: charts, girls generation
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