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IZ*ONE and X1 were excluded early from judge panel evaluation for GDA despite being nominated

The 34th Golden Disc Awards has explained the process by which it selected this year’s winners.

The first day of this year’s Golden Disc Awards, which focused on digital releases, took place on January 4 at the Gocheok Sky Dome. The second day of the awards show, which will honor achievements by physical album releases, will take place on January 5.

Only songs released between October 2018 and October 2019 were eligible for this year’s digital awards, and the Golden Disc Awards gathered sales and usage data from Gaon Chart until December. The winners were determined according to the song’s usage data (60 percent) and an evaluation by a panel of experts (40 percent).

X1 and IZ*ONE, who were included in this year’s list of nominees, were excluded from the first and second rounds of the Executive Committee’s evaluations after multiple Mnet staff members were indicted for rigging the “Produce X 101” and “Produce 48” contestants’ rankings.

The Golden Disc Executive Committee commented, “The nominees were chosen based on rankings from quantitative assessment. However, we decided that in a situation where the production staff of the ‘Produce’ series is on trial after being indicted by the prosecution, it wasn’t right to judge teams that were unlawfully formed as nominees, so X1 and IZ*ONE were excluded from the list.”

sources: naver, soompi.

I understand they are concerned about their image but X1 is the best selling male rookie group of the year (and the decade). GDA knows they would have won if they had respected their own rules. Instead of bending backwards to find an excuse to disqualify them, GDA could have just not nominated them in the first place. lol
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