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Son DamBi reveals, “I’m currently working on recordings, new album is set to come out in April"

Singer Son DamBi reveals the plans for her new album.

Son DamBi attended ‘Brilliant Son DamBi with SamSung Anycall Amoled fanmeeting’ on 22nd January in Seoul KoEX when she revealed, “I’m currently working hard on music recording, the new album will come out in around April.”

She added, “We have not decided for sure what the concept of the album will be. We are now thinking very hard so as to show everyone a new image.”

And about the appearance of many girlgroups in the Kpop circle recently, Son DamBi said, “Actually I did many public performance last year-end, I was the only solo singers while it is all girlgroups. Even though I feel a little lonely, I thought I should work harder. That is why I need everyone’s love and support.”

Son DamBi performed her various hit songs like ‘Saturday Night’ and also did events for fans at the fanmeeting.

source: kbites
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